solar - jedna wiara jeden skład 2 (prod. deemz) [official video] lyrics

Niggas say they be one hundred
AK whole one hundred, 2-1 that's two hundred
Shorty fuck that's free, niggas bitch on me
Kush smoke like D, move on, good D
Trap tippin, good D
OZ I'm D cash
Books on wrack, book some D cash
Pop on, bust a new hit
Murd a nigga like a new beat
Shoot a nigga like a video
Go this puppin summer pumpin' video
No lack of thirty in the poe
Little funny moves, shoot him in his nose
Drop a nigga like an interview
Go shooters shoot when they get the cube
These fuck boys ain't bullet proof
But it's neither up, don't be bullet fools
Shoot him in his head, call it bullet head
Treat em like a pistol, leave him full of lead
Prison nigga in the small, but the ass bigger
Louie be a winner, bigger nigga
Can't mean to war a individual
Gave money dumpin' out of random
Your car, spent that on the dental
MOB, man these hoes simple, pop a fuck boy like a pimple
Down with acting, shoot em in this pimple
My bitches say I got all of them bitches
Must I forget I'm callin' them bitches
Them boys [?] bitches
My daddy told me go hard on them bitches
Amen to me I'm a God to these bitches
God to these niggas still got come and get em
Hunting and smoke blunt to these hitters
Someone go smoke hard with the hitters
I swear to God I go harder than niggas
Be in the streets more than other them niggas
Shoutout to them I'm with all of my niggas
You can get smoked trynna poke as a joke
That ain't your girl, yo man she is a ho
When I'm in your crib I get head and go
Disrespecting gets you invisible
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