Young M.A - I Get The Bag (Gucci Mane Remix) lyrics

We'd ride around the city with it
Hittin' gas, no brakes, so late, oh yeah, yeah
We'd ride around the city with
We'd ride around the city
We could ride around the city
We could ride around the city with it
I got ice on my wrist, your girl couldn't resist
I pour the drinks, she told me no
I told her, "girl, I insist"
I smell like kush, you Creed cologne
I have half of bag of this shit
The bag so heavy when we shop, my girl be
dragging this shit
I got a girl from the 6, she helped me out on a
Gave me ten bands as a gift, and sealed the deal
with a kiss
I got a girl from Gwinnett, you know her daddy is
But she keep coming to the hood without no panties
and shit
I ain't no regular nigga, can't date no average
I let her hang with them boys, she swear she grow
on the clique
Pick diamonds stuffed in the navel, if can't re-
watch on them tits
Look like a bag of money, bag of Kush, a bag of
them bricks
I really, really run around
16 K to get a Tommy gun
Surrounded by them bosses with a lot of funds
Had the bitch a Phantom, cause she wanted one
Soon as I hit the door, she turned and stilled
Soon as I hit the room, she tearing down my belt
Soon as I enter her, I feel her body melt
The thing is super-weird, I feel like Michael Phelps
I'm the last foe for my main ho
I buy her real gold, she no longer frost
Pinocchio bam we straight up by the bow
Dear, dear President, you know my main hoes
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