Yestermorrow & Divination - Higher Conciousness lyrics

It’s YesterMorrow, YesterMorrow.
A special kind of bridge in time,
Just when you hear the midnight chime,
Then you know, it’s history.

That’s YesterMorrow, YesterMorrow.
As the New Year sets to unfold,
An exciting new beginning – is so close.
(4th line - original music - no lyrics)

Wind will whistle on the ocean,
Cool breezes settle on the sand,
The stars in mid-winter sky are shining, ("Mid-Winter" – Event in N. Myrtle Beach)
And, First Night is almost here. (“First Night” = New Year’s Eve in Boston)

That special moment… right at midnight,
Connects us all with garland tonight, (Garland – symbolic connection w/ the holidays)
Just when you hear the midnight chime,
Auld Lang Syne, It’s etched in time.

That’s YesterMorrow, YesterMorrow,
Down Under a New Year unfolds, (Reference to Australia)
So exciting, a new beginning, is so close,
How my head spins.

As we’re dancing on Ocean Drive, (Reference - Ocean Drive, N. Myrtle Beach or anywhere USA)
Cool breezes settle on the sand,
But, if New Year’s Eve were here today,
A new First Night is on it’s way. (“First Night” = New Year’s Eve in Boston.)

That special moment right at midnight,
Twixt yesterday and morrow’s moonlight,
That instant, that’s YesterMorrow,
And, I want to spend mine with you.
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