Tamara Gverdsiteli & Alessandro Safina- Guarda che luna lyrics

I lost my freaking cat
But then I found her eating pancakes
It hurt
Dam u str8 bby gurl
I'm such a Korean
I know you smell, but I don't mind
I am the batman
Powdered Toast Man
The 1980's
Who cut the cheese again?
Creamy cream
What is this strange thing on my
The Magic Lamp broke itself
Where's the death metal at?
I went so hard
The DJ didn't was if paper plates
My crazy aunt eats kids
Great sale on turkey legs(Your vampire out-sparkles my rhinestones)
I ate my cat
What egg flies here?
Hide the superglue
Fluffy dogs (Cow goes moo)
I will never get a thumbs up (Cowsx3)
Don't go away
My name is Austin hey yall
Soft Tacos
Did you find my bucketx2
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