TPOK Jazz- Zena Mama na Lolita (Lola Checain) 1988 lyrics

Cinq (5) ans anniversaire ya Fabrice,
les dix huits septembre quatre vingt –trios (18th September 1983)
Fabrices 5th anniversary, every 18th September, since 1983
Boya kotala bamodeles ya sika eeh,
cinq ans anniversaire ya Fabrice ×4
Come and see the latest models, 5 years of anniversary

Yaka taiellur Fabrice, nakende lisusu wapi eeh mama× 2
Here Comes, Fabrice the tailor, where else will I ̸ do I go
Fabrice akende sango, mokili nde mobimba
Fabrice has become famous in the whole world
Atongela yo Abacos olata mpe obima
He will sew you an abacos which you will put on and leave[1]
Baninga balula yo
Friends will admire you
Fabrice mosoni monene nakati ya Bruxelles
Fabrice the great tailor in Brussels
Nakende lisusu wapi eeeh mama uuhm
Where else do I go?

Mibali ya 20eme ciecle balingi kolata lokola basi
The 20th century men would also like to dress like ladies
Akota na fabrice, apona ya ye modele
He comes to Fabrice, he chooses his model
Apona elamba alingi, abima na mpokwa na kati ya Ineli
He chooses the dress the clothe he likes prefers, in the evening,
by evening he leaves,
in Ineli[2] Soki otali ye alumbi solo ya malasi eeh
If you look at him he feels or smells like perfume

PDG Fabrice, Directuer Angels, bakopesa ntalo ya se ya mongongo
The President Director
GeneralAngels, they will give you at a fair price
Fabrice alatisaka oyo azuaka mingi,
oyo azuaka moke, bango nyoso balata
Fabrice clothes,
deresses he who earns a lot and he
who earns little, he dresses all of them
Fabrice akende sango na mpoto mobimba
Fabrice has become famous all over Europe
Ixel bayebi ye,
Those in ixel know him, he is known by those in ixel
Fabrice mwana malamu, akende eeh sango mama aah
Fabrice the good son has become famous

Bikolo nyoso ya Africa mobimba baling balata, bilamba fabric atongi
All countries in Africa,
each and every African country wants
to wear, adorn clothes sewn by Fabrice
Balingi balata abacos fabrice atongi
They want to wear, adorn abacos sewn by Fabrice
Kende na fabrice bandeko
Friends, go to Fabrice
Soki olingi olata, banda lokolo nti na moto
If you want ̸ wish to dress from head to toe
Sapato ezali, simisi ezali, aah mama
There are shoes and shirts, fabrice has shoes and also shirts

Cinq ans ya fabrice ebimisi masangu
Five years of Fabrice has produced corn
Cinq ans ya fabric ebimisi mbuma mbuma eboti
Five yearsof Fabrice has produced millet…
Cinq ans ya fabrice tosepela na monoko, tosepela na elongi
Five years of Fabrice, we celebrate with our speech and faces
Bato batala bino mpo lata abacos ya fabric
People are loking at us because we have worn Fabrices Abacos
Nakende lisusu wapi, eeh mama eeh
Where else will I go
Nasala nini, fabrice akende sango mpoto, ixel, bayebi ye

Fabrice alatisa moto nyoso bandeko mama
Fabrice dresses everyone
Soki olati libanku[3] ya fabrice,
azipi yo mongongo azipi yo panzi azipi yo libumu,
If you put on a … made by Fabrice, i
t fits ̸ covers your back, chest and your stomach
Soki obimi na miso ya bato, otiaki malasi, bakotala nani asali, abacos
If you come out in the public, and put on perfume,
they will want to see ̸ know, who has made the Abacos

PDG Fabrice, directeur Angeles
The CEO is Fabrice, the director is called Angeles
Olingi libanku[4] tuna bango bapesa yo
If you want a … ask them to give you
Ntalo ya se ya mongongo?
A price that is low???
Na moi soki olati okei na musicanova,
During the day if you put it on you go to Musicanova
Na mpokwa opakoli malasi okoti safari okoti mambo
In the evening, you put on perfume and come to ̸ reach Safari,
Mambo Okei epayi ya lelu, batali yo au pongi
You visit Epayi ya Lelu, they see you at night,
in the evening Abacos ya fabrice Fabrice's Abacos
Nakei chez Bavin
I go to Bavin [5]

Fabrice akende sango eeh mama
Fabrice has become famous
Soki owuti Kinshasa okomi na bruxelles, kende na ixel,
If you come from Kinshasa, and you come to Brussels, go to Ixel
Okota na fabrice otuna oyo olingi, alatisaka ntalo moke
You reach Fabrice,
you ask for the one you want, he will dress you at a low price
Ozuaka minigi alatisi yo nakende lisusu wapi eeh mama, eeh
If you earn a lot he will also dress you, where else do I go
Fabrice oyo nani abungi ye na ixel[6], mwana ya nsomi aah,
This Fabrice, who cannot find or trace him on Ixel street,
the son of a handiman Yaka taiellur
Fabrice, nakende lisusu wapi eeh mama× 2
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