SMAP - そのまま lyrics

Bone thugs n harmony
the crossroads remix feat. flesh n bone
feat. flesh n bone

This is my Shit Nigga I produce My own shit this aint crossroads this is thugstyle

ay ay hear this im givin some niggaz tha diss
you see me in tha club twisting them thangs and my nuts i let em hang
Ive been cursed 2 smoke weed and im keeping a glock on my seat
so you wanna be a big ballaaaa i blast you 2 hell and im gonna say hollaaaaa
tha only shit im listening is krayzie layzie bizzy wish flesh and smoking some hasj to compromise my life and keeping my head high
ima psycho loose with automatics and chillin with tha south side click
nigga tha south has risen now all ya'll fucked
because yall heard tha south side hoods will buck
makin them blue suits red with a smith & wesson learning them cops a lesson
chorus 2x
its 5314
nigga this is fo sho
please believe me we keepin tha south side alive
ya ll wanna fuck with south nigga start making plans how 2 survive
pumpin them leads
makin all yall none believers dead

look at me
what do you see?
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