SERPENT LORD - Full Concert w/ OMEN [@8ball Thessaloniki 13/5/2017] lyrics

Divinity from the serpent, the spawning sadist engulfed in the blood.
Metaphorically emerging, through unconsciousness the Shaman guards your death.
I'm spat into this existence, the reign of revenge. Serpent strikes of pain.
Entwined inside it slithers with chaos, burning, rising the spirit.
Rise O' darkest one. Apocalypse of serpent hordes.
Etana, chosen Demi God. Search for eternity in humanity lost.
The fruits of life guarded by the Gods.
Wings of a defiant eagle devoured the sons of the serpent young.
The Serpent Lord Enthroned - From Tiamat's abyss.
The Serpent Lord Enthroned - Crush Babylonia.
Devouring of the serpents, I raise my voice to Shammash "Why this way?".
An offering of his forces on how to deceive Etana to become his slave.
He morphed to a human enthroned with the caduceus emblem. Protection of force.
and released the most horrific curse upon humanity from dripping jaws.
The darkest ones. Apocalyptic serpent hordes.
Tiamat chaotic serpent force. Focused on destroying all of earth.
Slaughtered by Marduk to save his dark hordes.
She was slain by Marduk's allegiance with his God's
and cut in half to make one part sky - one part the earth.
Path to the vile of warfare, my spirit bathe in ritual splattered blood.
The demons rise through the portal, possess the flesh within enchanted dreams.
I'm tempted by the scriptures of sea scrolls, I desecrate the symbols of their Gods.
and decimate upon humanity, destructive hell invoked upon the earth.
In reverence to the serpent lord enthroned.
The Serpent Lord Enthroned - From Tiamat's abyss.
The Serpent Lord Enthroned - Crush Babylonia.
The Serpent Lord Enthroned - Crush Babylonia.
Crush Babylonia.
Crush Babylonia...
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