Post Malone - Too Young lyrics

Produced By: FKi, Justin Mosely & MeKanics

I don't wanna die too young
Too young, too young

I don't wanna die too young, too young, too young
Counting bands, hallelujah, 'lujah, 'lujah
I don't wanna die too young, too young, too young
I've been grinding way too long, too long, too long

[Verse 1]
Came up, don't know
I just keep going with the flow
I just wanna go and cop me somethin'
I hit Fairfax, go shopping though
She just wanna hit that bathingroom
Hold that guap like a register
Keep on winning, need that guap though
Like a cash out, need a pop of those
Flowing on to the Galapagos
Running and grab the dough
Man this shit never minimal
Feel like an animal
Yeah bitch I try to keep me cool
Your life never going, never going back
Yeah, I don't wanna die too young
I don't wanna die too young
When I get that cash it's hallelujah
Aye hallelujah, aye hallelujah, aye hallelujah


[Verse 2]
My whip fast, my bitch bad
I skrrr skrrr, that coupe fast
My coupe fast, your bitch know
My bitch slow, she do what I say so
And she always keep me on my toes
Poppin' that woe, man I be gone
Just watch me go
Bitches they watching me go
Walking around, aye I pick that band up
Then I go drop that shit off
Pull up in a Porsche, shit poppin' off
Pop that shit off, I got that bitch off
I tell her to knock that shit off
And I got my nut off and she washed my nuts off
I want that shit, I got that shit, pop that shit
Got rich quick, suck my...
You know it make me God damn numb
When I see 'em die so God damn young
I don't wanna die

[Hook] x2
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