Mukurathimwo Ni Roho,my second kigooco year 2010 lyrics

Left my home 99
And headed south east
By the stars to the sun
And fell at your feet
Desde el sur hasta aquí
Llegué sin saber
Que la edad decidió
Dejar aquel lugar
Someday you'll see the reasons why
I came to find my place
Find my second home
uhhhh eeehh uhhh
Find my second home
Del camino aprendí
Las claves de mi inquietud
Y este hogar resultó
Refugio del interior
To come as far as I have
You'd think that I'd have known
But we're blind to ourselves
To see how much we've grown
Volar atrás e imaginar
Que no fue azar el arriesgar
One day you'll see the reasons why
We've come to call this place
My second home
uhhhh aaaah uuuuhhhh
Find my second home
Find my second home
Find my second home
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