Masai-Johor Gospel Choir 2 of 2 (Joyful Songs) lyrics

1 Hark! what joyful notes are swelling
On the quiet midnight air!
'Tis the voice of angels telling
Jesus comes our sins to bear!
Now the music, in its gladness,
Breaks and swells, and glides along!
Now earth, waking from her sadness,
Joins the chorus of the song!

.: Glory in the highest heavens
Peace on earth goodwill to man
Let all Praise to God be given
For redemption's glorious plan
Glory in the highest heaven
Peace on earth, goodwill to man
Glory to the Lamb be given
Who for sinners once was slain

2 See all darkness disappearing,
As the Star begins to rise!
Sin and Death stand, trembling, fearing,
As the light falls on their eyes;
Now, again, the earth rejoices,
Satan's powerful kingdom shakes,
As from all the heav'nly voices,
Louder still the chorus breaks!

3 Rise and shine, Star of salvation!
Spread thy beams o'er all the earth,
Till each distant land and nation
Owns and speaks Thy matchless worth!
Till all tongues, Thy praises singing,
Shall Thy mighty wonders tell,
Till all heaven with joy is ringing,
As our hearts the chorus swell!

4 When our days on earth are ended,
And we rise to worlds above,
Then our songs shall all be blended
In one song of pardoning love!
Then we'll tell the wondrous story,
And our blessed Lord adore!
In our home of bliss and glory
We shall sing forevermore!
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