March Of The Death Eaters || Lyrics lyrics

(There are some unfinished parts.
If you can recognize them,
Please edit these lyrics)

Let me go
What's on my shoulder
"Little by little, I feel a bit better"

Let me know
Set me free
I feel a bit older
Just once more to the breach
"Dear friend, once more"

The Death March

(Strange Days part - no lyrics available)

Are you ready?

Spatial patterns deep inside of me
Lose yourself on accumulated ground
All I know is my soul unbreakable
Light blue fire and watch until the shape is gone

I can't believe this isn't dream
My lucent orb is fading bright
I can't believe it was a dream
So hard to reignite myself

I can't believe this isn't dream
Is this the way we end up?
I can't believe it was a dream
Flashback is all I got in my hand?

'Cause there's a time to rebel, yeah
Show me what is real
Come on, break the silence
Let me hear you scream
Trudge it out and link it to yourself
The doubts are turning as it shakes to life

'Cause there's a time to rebel,
I'll show you what is real
Come on, break the silence
This is not a dream
Trudge it out, and link it to the world
You know, you should know
The World Ends With You

(Promise part - no lyrics available)

Fly me to the sky
No time to waste
Fly into your dream and future
I need to go on and on
Never runaway from the true
Fly me in the sky
I need to go on and on

Puer spa giscimini

The Death March

God forgot you
Your wings broken
Storm storming
In a way
For heaven
Redemption is lost

Here we go!

Toru ka, yuzuru kano
Chinmoku no semegi ai
Dochira demo ii sa
Iki no koru tame ni

Let the shine
One day you will be filling up the will
And start make anew
What you showed this world

Gone in a second
Ultimate destruction
Gods are warring
Sorrow never-ending
Endless chaos
For an eternity
Welcome to the abyss

To (???)

Oh beautiful sky, brighten with glee, smiling on me
Oh beautiful world shining and free, it's all for me

I don't have the pride, I don't have the money,
But I've got these hands
I'm feeling alive, with you right beside me
Come on ahead

(Bubbles part - no lyrics available)

(DOO part - no lyrics available)

All the times we fought were together as one
Even when we part, you will never be gone
Look into the sky and see the dream we never lost
Can't you see it coming true?
We made it through
I share this time with you
I want to see you smile

Death March
Let's go

Music is the key
Bring your might tonight
Feel the music

Music's what we need
Pop 'n rock 'n dance
'Till the music

Music endlessly
Break it down again
Untill the music

Music is the tree
Turn it up
We need that place at music

Music is the key!
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