Maluma - Corazón (Oficial Vídeo) Ft. Nego do Borel | Preview 2 lyrics

All I do is spin, spin, spin and ward your bush, bush
The minions that I grind are for me to lead a push, push
And every time I step into the lane everybody's ghosts turn on
and they run back
and they run back
and they run back (Just B, Just B, Just B)
cuz all i do is spin, spin, spin, and don't you try to win, it won't work, I'll be there, so surrender

Vladimir is the best in here and he's all ready to whoop your ass
Oh shit I wouldn't stand there put some wards up or get transfused in the grass
I always get first blood
and yes I always stack
so when you see me pool
you better get on back
I always solo lane
always in the middle
I'll make your sky fall
just like chicken little
Bring all your friends
I am your enemy
Yes I can kill you all
So give me your best shot
all five of you guys
I'll stop you in your tracks
with my Rylai's
Think I'm talking shit?
come here and take a hit
cuz all i do, all i, all i, all i

Crushing in my lane,
Goin' to the middle
I got so much more AP that I can out sustain a fiddle
With my will on my side
Giant's Belt challenger they see my health and oh boy!
tell Cho to back it up, my teammates think I'm loco
o-ver extending it's alright I got my pool though,
change my name to Trolo9
represent that League life
AP carry pleb you better get my role right
And watch me Q as I transfuse myself some "Blud light"
Now I've leveled up to four, see some blood tides
You buyin MR? (WHAT?)
I'll get through it with stacks (with stacks)
you laning with me you should have bought some Tampax

Spin in the bushes, Spin in the lane
Spin in the jungle, Spin and you're slain
Garen by the Baron, Damage overload
I've been spinning and winning since League was just six months old
I spin in the midst of them
spin and Justice on em
spin is up, strike is up, SALAD TIME, toss em up
spin like a hurricane
spin like you're buffering
don't mess with me
I'm like the U in the 80's
Back to shop, bought a lot
so much gold, no more slots
hit the misc, buy some pots
Maybe I should buy a yacht
Time and time again
Yeah I'm spinning on this Xin
DoA said it best, just spin baby spin
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