Lil Durk x Snap Dogg (Studio Session Vlog) Shot by @JerryPHD lyrics

Life ant no joke
I gotta get rich
I hate being broke
These bitches is cold they fucking my opps
Then calling me bro
I stay with the pole
Cuz nagas I know is switching like clothes
They loving my flow
Cuz I'm keeping it real like trues in the store
When it's beef I react
Once I hit up my bro
He gon bring out the Mac
Im putting in pain/ two guns in my hands
I'm shooting like max
I stay with the act
Condein in my cup
I mix it with sprite
In the hood shooting dice
The niggas is bitches
They looking like dikes
If your pops / was a rat
We know you gon snitch
You consider a rat
I remember them nights
Trapping on blocks sleeping with packs
Now I stay in the stud
Cuz I'm nice on the Mic
While spitting these raps
Shout out to durk
He killing the while I'm killing these raps
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