Kid Frost - La Raza lyrics

You got no fuckin' idea what La Raza means
It's about our people out there working
Surviving with pride and dignity that's La Raza

It's all goin' down this year
My 'Lac's in gear and I wiped off my tattoo tears
A lot of things have changed since '90
I got a lot more homeboys and gente behind me

And this time you just can't stop it
No tellin' what might happen
When your kids get a copy of the '95 remix
We in the casa, we did it for La Raza

Because it's all brand new, it's updated
You see my Cherokee's a 'Lac
And my spokes are gold plated

I'm hittin' side to side
There's a lump in my throat
But I just can't swallow my brown pride

I'm like an eagle with a snake in his mouth
And a brown fist represents Frost in the house
Comin' back hard on the rap scene
It' all about the red, white, and green, yeah

Here I go again and I'm bound to win
Because I'm proud of the color of my skin
You see I'm kinda like De La Hoya
I'm filled with the spirit of an Aztec Warrior

And that means you better not mess with me
This is Frost, the capital E L C
I'm hittin' switches like back in the video
I'm that same fool that you seen five years ago

I still cruise, I paid my dues
And the only thing new is some more tattoo
It's that Mexican sound, that makes it brown
I'm stompin' in my Nikes and I'm all creased down

Out in El Paso, up through Chicago
Even in Manhattan they beggin' for a Latin
Cities like Miami is waitin' for another jam
I rocked Mexico but called it the Motherland, yeah

Man, I think I came up with a solution
And the answer is Brown Revolution
So pump your fist to this
And wave your Mexican flag
And be proud that your khaki's sag

I'm here to set the record straight
And clean up the slate
All player haters headed upstate

They hate to see me bouncin' through East Los
Or coolin' in my house on the hill on the West Coast
Or hangin' with the veterano OG's
And hearin' all the stories of the '70's

Like how the boulevard used to be
And how they had values in '73
But now I'm livin' in a new era
And survivin' in the '90's is sheer terror

Some of you don't know what's happening, Que pasa?
It's 1995 and this is still for La Raza, yeah
This is for La Raza, it's 1995 and this is still for La Raza
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