Jil Jilala - JIL JILALA ( CHAMÄA ) جيــل جيــلالــــة -- الـشمـعـــــة lyrics

And you say, as we go with the rhyme flow
Just to let you know, Darryl and Joe
Featurin' DJ Jam Master Jay
All the motherfuckin' way
One time, just to blow your mind
And this is how we do it
Just for the people

Sucker D.J.'s are really crazy clowns
Clowns, cold clockin' clowns
When will they learn that they had [incomprehensible] by the pounds
Pounds, cold clockin pounds?

Sucker D.J.'s bite our lines up all damn day
All, all damn day
Sucker D.J.'s that's on Jam Master Jay
Uh, ah, ah, ah

Jam Master, aiyyo
The crew is here with you, a check it out y'all
Jam Master, ah tell me
What the fuck you gonna do?
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