IRFAN KHAN aka iFFi-K Punjabian dha Dhol (2005) lyrics

Gangeezy da greezy
Gangis khan aka camoflizzy

You see the world goes around (round)
But the world don't change (no)
When they put you in the ground (ground)
All that's left is your name (yeah)
So I gotta keep it movin'
What you get is what you see
And I know I ain't perfect
But you gotta understand, this is me

I remember walkin' in my first day of school
My daddy told me, son don't lose your cool
I know you like to brawl, I know you like to fight but you gotta try and be a good boy, ight?
He knew I couldn't do it, cuz I was too rowdy
He knew the teachers would hate me, and always doubt me
He already knew my school days would be cloudy
Cuz I was mischievous, and I spoke loudly
After school I was always comin' home late
My homework was never done by the due date
My grandma always said I had an evil face
She always knew my heart was in a dark place
Little Gully Graham always up to some trouble
Never acting quite right, never movin' humble
I was always outside, even after dark
Smallest puppy in the pack, I had the biggest bark
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