Greed Vs Sonic Cube - Wilde lyrics

It's the one and only Goku
Forever undefeated
I'm sitting on the throne and I'll never be unseated
In a different class of hero and a different class of villain
So this battle's more uneven than Vegeta vs Krillin
I'll leave this hedge hog-tied
Win a race in one stride
Beat him 'till he's cross-eyed
Obliterate his false pride
Stronger than you'll ever be
Faster than you ever were
Power that you'll never see
So R.I.P the Blue Blur

So you think it's the end of my blue burst?
Highly doubt it, 'cuz you've still gotta catch me first
Of opponents you've battled, bet I'm the worse
Have it won by the end of the first verse
Last time I was beaten?
Oh, let me think, never
The best of the best found out that I was better
I'm chasing these rings and I'm stacking my cheddar
Goku's for a minute
Sonic is forever!
A legend VS a future has-been in the making
The greatest ever title's all mine of the taking
(Believe it!)
This is me in slow-mo
My flow is a tsunami
And I'll send this orange bitch all the way back to Toonami

From Raditz
To Frieza
Then all the way to Majin Buu
I leave a trail of blood
The fuck do you think that means for you?
Tenkaichi Budokai:
The champ of the 23rd
Sonic beating Goku?
Stupidest shit I've ever heard!
I'm still the world's strongest
You're up against a tree of might
Rename this battle Goku's best/Sonic's final fight
I could take you out in one swoop
Don't need the intervals
And you already know where you can shove your Chaos Emeralds

I've run to the finish and seen the result
They say that I win it
They say that you suck
So just keeping on wishing and testing your luck
You're still the world's strongest?
I don't give a fuck
All about speed
I'm all about style
It's all about flow and you're all in denial
Breaking the barrier
Can't read the dial
Sonic is winning this thing by a mile
Beaten so much 'cuz you're slow to react
Eating too many Senzu beans
Getting you fat
Mental capacity is what you lack
And my wit is as sharp as the spikes on my back
Just opened up a can of whoop-ass
The size of kegs
I'll send a Great Ape packing
With his tail between his legs
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