GAYATRI MANTRA - Jyotishmati 432 Hz lyrics

Alone in Amsterdam
I cried this morning,
collapsed on my bed,
on a rainy Sunday,

As I realised
my suspects had proved true,
and gave up my last attempt
to meet again with you.

Fate can sometimes seem more cruel
than the obstination of our will
to inflict ourselves such pain,
to expiate who knows which faults,
or karmic debts.

Alone in Amsterdam
left this afternoon,
leaving my worries
dispel in the wind,

As I arrived
to the Red-Light District,
to try and see how it felt
splitting pleasure up from love.

And I questioned my real self,
as many times as I got high,
until I dared to get into those rooms,
for something worthy to be remembered
for all life.

Alone in Amsterdam
came back late tonight,
feeling cold and empty
yet satisfied;

As I walked on
along the canals,
leaving the restless district below
the purple sky.

Now I had got a new awareness
about a chapter of my life
that maybe I would have never written,
if not to try see through my dark days
in a different light.

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