Felipe smu - Branco e Terno (Álbum - Vem Do Céu) lyrics

Can I take a moment of your time? And tell you bout some things that's on my mind
And even though I'm young I go through things, but I still have hopes and I have dreams
Living in this world ain't easy, every day the devil's testing me
I gotta do what it takes make no mistakes, stay on the path that God has given me love

(unicent) L-O-V-E love
(sop & altos) is what He's given me
(harmony) l-o-v-e love, is what He's given me
(lead) Can I tell you how I ------feel?
(Unicent) Tell you how I feel
(lead) I know the Lord is -------real
(Unicent) Know the Lord is real
(lead) Lord I'll do whatever you --- want
(Unicent) Do whatever you want
(lead) Just take my hand and lead me

Oh Lord, please take control- I'll go anywhere you want me to go
I surrender my life to you and I can guarantee its true
(choir) I'll do
(lead) Whatever you say
(choir) I'll do
(lead) Just have your way
(choir) I'll live
(lead) My body and soul
(choir) For you
(lead) Lord take control

It's because of You that I live and breathe
Can't nobody tell me
You hold the key to my heart
Cause You hold the key to my heart
You're the First, You're the Last, You're the One & Only
Always there and You never disown me
That is why I continue to praise You
In all You do for me

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