Elias Lammam - pan-Arabic accordion lyrics

And so Peter Pan
To even the score
I'm here to bid you "Good-night"
Now your end has been planned
I'm not at all sure
That I want to finish the fight
It's a sad way to go
But you must understand
I couldn't continue to wait
And I'm sure you must know
When you cut off my hand
You finally sealed your fate ...

Goodbye, Peter Pan
My poison is strong
And you'll find there's no antidote,

Adieu, Peter Pan
It will not take too long
For the stuff to stick in your throat,

Farewell, Peter Pan
Your demise will be quick
I'll make a fast-working brew,

So long, Peter Pan
Just one simple lick
Will ensure the end of you.

Goodbye, Peter Pan
The battle is won
And it seems the victory's mine,

Adieu, Peter Pan
The name "Hook" will live on
Whilst the memory of you will decline,

Farewell, Peter Pan
You'll cease to exist
I find that's almost a shame,

So long, Peter Pan
It's the ultimate twist
For we've come to the end of the game.

Goodbye, Peter Pan
You've had your chips
Take you med'cine for "dear Wendy's" sake,

Adieu, Peter Pan
When it passes your lips
You'll sleep and never awake,

Farewell, Peter Pan
I'll miss you, you know
It's like saying "adios" to a friend,

So long, Peter Pan
You gave a good show
But your story has come to the end.

Ta Ta, Peter Pan!
Your number is up
It's true you put up a good fight,

Adieu, Peter Pan
One sip from your cup
And you will go out like a light,

Farewell, Peter Pan
When I think of the years
That I've waited for this
I could cry

I'll even admit I'll weep crocodile tears
(Crocodile tears, oh witty Hook)

To honour your past,

To wish you at last,

My dear, Peter Pan...


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