DC Young Fly "Panda Remix" (WSHH Exclusive - Official Music Video) lyrics

It's-It's-It's-It's D-Dash(Squad!)
I need a healthy free bag(Burr!)
Diamonds playing freeze tag(Burr!)
Pussy nigga I bleed swag(Squad!)
Shout to Reese homie(What's happening!)
Fuck with niggas, I'm 300
(Oh fuck, niggas!)
They ask me where I been at?
Bitch I been getting money

I Say
300 niggas
(What up?)
300 G's
Promoters can't stand us, we show up 300 deep

I Say it 300 times
We what the streets wanna see
Feel like 300 spartans, stomping with 600 feet

Squad up!
(Squad! Squad!)
Squad up!
(Squad! Squad!)
Squad up!
(Squad! Squad!)
Squad up!
(Squad! Squad!)

3-3-300 spartans, leading and marching
Swimming in women, I'm sleeping with dolphins(Nah!)
Pay me no need for the bargain
Laughing at broke niggas leasing apartments
People are talking, saying I'm tripping
I murder 'em, kill 'em, then pee on his coffin
Barking, Sy Ari, Fuck 'em, and leave 'em
They treat 'em like he Mr. Marcus

Mafio! Ma-Mafio!
No patience for sloppy ho's
Translee checking in, checking in
Like the lobby flow
I sign by the x, and get them o's
Tha-That's a kiss
People that just don't give a fuck!
Tha-Tha-Tha-That's my niggas

My niggas rolling round with that fully automatic
Illmatic, God damnit
If your bitch get it up, then you know she gotta have it
I'm on every type of drug, if you know what I mean
If you cross that line, we gon' make that sing
Too much money to be getting, for you to be hating on me
That's a bitch trait
I'm too real, you too fake
I got two guns, for that toothache

My squad full of young niggas(Young niggas)
Drug dealers(Aye)
Chopper punk a nigga like Ashton Kutcher(Rrrrah!)
Make a nigga dip like a running back(Yooom!)
Pop up on you like a instant message(Hee!)
Clapping shit, no jumping jacks(No!)
My niggas like me, I dun' made this shit clear(What?)
You front me a pack, I ain't coming back

Dirt Game niggas, yeah squad(Squad!)
K-Camp screaming link up(Link up!)
300 niggas, that's 300 mu'fuckers
Trying to get it in by the trucks(Wassup!)
I'm a hot young nigga, that'll take your bitch
Too fly, I can land on a cloud(On a cloud)
Money on me, your ho on me now
Too turnt and I can't turn down

See I got 300 niggas
That mean it's 600 pistols
And if you run up, start talking shit
We gon' let them things hit you
Ain't gotta be no issue(No, no)
Them things gon' let loose(Bow, bow!)
Them bullets get to barking, them biting pit bulls gon' get you

I wet you, like a pan handle
My whole city, they 'bout the action
I light you up, L.A. gear's
I'm going in, like close contractions
Get the picture, emoji
I rap, but I had that sack first
Pussy nigga don't play with me
I am live spelled backwards

If a nigga, want his issue
He can get it quick
Know my niggas, got them choppers
They pull up with them sticks
And his bitch's legs
Now we going hard
I'll fuck your broad
Guapo fucking with the squad

Dead guys in my pockets, got me dead man walking
Catch me in the club nigga, ain't no talking
I'm swagging with no rhythm, but I'm money walking
Chaz Gotti
I'mma finish what Slim Dunkin started

King of Clan, Brick Squad
Everybody know me(Bo!)
I be scrapping niggas low-key(Bo!)
It's that Chi hitter Bo D(Right!)
If you want beef, I got that
These niggas with me O.C
If I nod, they popping that heat(Brrat!)
But I don't really need it
Cold D

Ran-Ran through 300 packs(Moneeeeey!)
In 300 minutes
Bambino got a sack(Young BinoGold!)
And I love to spend it(Yeeuuuh!)
I'm my own boss, cap'o, and lieutenant(Yeeuuuh!)
Great product, trap star
Bi-Bi-Bi-Bitch I'm winnin'

I'm-I'm-I'm squading up(Squad!)
Ya'll niggas time is up(Turn up!)
Stevie Wonder with that chopper, bitch I'm blind as fuck(Cheah!)
Put them lighters in the air
One-One time for Dunk
Dae Dae got them applications
Sign 'em up

300 niggas(Ah!)
That's 300 triggers(Yah!)
Ya'll got 300 niggas, but ya'll got like zero killers(Buh, baah!)
We pull up with the pistols, my niggas shoot
They won't miss him(Nah!)
We gon' kill him
(You think I'm playing?!)
Pop a bean and forget him

I took 'bout $300
Built this shit from the gorund
I took 'bout 300 days
I'm trying to turn up my town
Nigga be cool, but you don't want a problem
I ain't say a word, but these ho's gon' flop
New A-Town
And my nigga James, shit real
Don't believe just watch

O-O-Okay it's F Y B
Pu-Put a 300 deep
An-And she say she vegan, but she could still get the meat
Don't fuck with industry niggas, I fuck with in-the-street niggas
A-A-And I need me a shrink, I'm fucked up mentally nigga

300 niggas
We 300 deep
We cut from the same cloth, so it's like 300 me's
Homie say he don't believe, I guess he wanna see
That's backwards, cause he's a vegetable if he wanna beef

I say them bitch niggas be hiding(Be hiding)
But real niggas move in silence(In silence)
Got 300 killers, 300 pistols
Better know my niggas be wildin'(Be wildin')
And every one around be silent(They silent)
No flaw niggas in my circle(Close)
Stay street, it's a code we follow(Follow)
Only moving's by them dollars

No-no-no solider but I got troops(I do!)
A whole bunch goons on the roof, they gon' shoot(Rrrah!)
Cut the top off the head, just like a coupe(Cut it off!)
What you wanna do?
We can fight, we can shoot(We can do it)
Shit's getting nasty, wrap 'em in the plastic
Throw him in the trash, now the nigga looking trashy(Trashy)
Whole clique full of shooters, just like the Mavericks(Rrrah!)
We don't give a fuck, put a nigga in the casket
(Buh, bow!)

Extendo-Extendo longer than a ruler(What?)
All my niggas, they shooters(Bow!)
Place your order in Bermuda(Go!)
I got more keys than a computer(Whoa!)
Don't move wrong, he might shoot ya(Don't move!)
My team ballin' like Buddha
31 in the clip, Reggie Miller(Rrrah!)
Put you in the lake, no timber

300 like Chief Keef(300)
Squad up if you want beef(Squad up)
I'mma tell you like a OG told me(What he say?)
Migo plugged, they stocked in the street(Migooo!)
Wanna go to war like spartans
Hit 'em with the carbine
And I keep the strap, like Marvin the Martian
Gas and the Glock in the glove compartment
Free Westside, tell them fuck (?)

Okay I'm 300
One more shout, free Meech nigga
Rap game in a chokehold like-(Gaaasp!)
Go to sleep nigga
Started from the bottom, now we here mu'fucker
We some real mu'fuckers, and I feel great
I'm Tabius Tate, I'm like Will Smith
I'm a fresh price, and I fill banks!

(LoC, LoC!)
44s and big Glocks(Bullets!)
Kush, coke, and flip lock(Put, put!)
Young God gon' flip drop, in big rocks, see the big watch(Rrrrrrrrr!)
Dope time, nigga tick tock
Flip flop, get a big shot
Dumb nigga got away punk
Flip fling like a big shot

G-Unit all on my back nigga
I move weight like a fat nigga
N O mane Zan nigga
Throw my set up like bad dinner
Ask yo ho, I'm that nigga
Kidd Kidd, kidnap niggas
Hit your family, bowtie'd
And gift wrap with ya
Merry Christmas

I don't fall in line, I lead it
Heads up, I'm so conceited
I ain't never seen a dude that I needed
Say shit once, and I don't repeat it
Sweden in that B.M
10 stars, they can't see in
But it ain't no creepin', don't be sleepin'
Supremacy 300, knee deep in

Young Eastside nigga Jacquees(Jacquees)
In the coupe, probably doing top speed
Got your girl, and she probably on her knees
She 25, but I'm only 19(Nooooow)
(G-G-Get down, get down)
This young nigga bout to blow
I can earn my stripes
So that they already know

[27: Retro Jace(Two9)
Drop 'em aside like Compton
Potato on the tip like condoms
Calculator clip, they don't want no problem
4-5 Just like a pill, might pop 'em
Uh, Goon's that'll shoot you for a hoodie
Copped a camera man, just to get the footage
Whole crew gon' mob, and I don't mean Goodie
Hit him in the head, and he gon' need goodies

Yes, yes!
You just experienced
Wrath of the Titans
Monsters unite
And it went down
Heavy, heavy, heavy
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