Best Songs Of The Chainsmokers lyrics

Bright lights hung around the house
So that everyone can see
And we sing our favorite songs
And we decorate the tree
And i spend all my money
On gifts i hope you like
But it's a gift received
To exchange it for something right (something right)
Exchanging gift for something right

I've been counting the days till it's christmas
To sing carols through the streets
Spread the christmas share
And the snow is falling down
Cause it's christmas
And everybody knows

It's the best time of the year

Throwing lights shadow throughtout the dawn
Chimney smokes will fill the air
I want a christmas like Charlie Brown
And a coat from a polar bear
And i'll show why we're good for goodness sake
And all christmassy i'll lie awake
To see if i'll hear Santa on his sleigh (on his sleigh)
I'll hear santa on his sleigh
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