Beniamino Gigli - Italian Songs " Chansons Napolitaines " N°1 J.V lyrics


Bow dow kiss my kicks witness my ascension
My suade Jodans crimson
i command your attention?
levitate in the air
Remain in suspension
Javi-er Touss-aint fought Santhonax
then I exhiled the Frenchmen
The FEDS wanna apprehend em
the Klan wanna lynch
So I rock the Black Panther fist with my henchmen...
It's a war goin on not half-assed pretension
I put m yspirit in to it
and now the war's biologicla focused on victory I'm maniacal
Spit game cold turned the sun into an icycle
The campaign's deadly,
like an unstable isotope
Diviersified the team look like kaleidoscope
Professor preach the peace so what cha hidin for
Hoped to get cha Gohan so ya mind'll grow
I stay underground like a dinosaur
We orientated, chakras is the gyroscope
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