Bazzi - Fantasy (Lyrics) lyrics

Attack Of The Killer B's
Who, What, Where, When, Why And How
Milk and Chromatic Death: Well, well, thought long dead. Back rearing his head, "Sgt. D". The great thing about these two songs is that they are cover songs that we wrote. "What?" you say, you don't understand. Well here's the deal. In 1985, me and Chaarlie played on an album by SOD along with Dan Lilker and Billy Milano. All these songs were written while we wre in the studio recording "Spreading the Disease." We already had enough songs for that album so we figured we'd release all of thse other songs under a different name. SOD's "Speak English Or Die" came out around August of 85 and we played 6 shows between October and Decmeber and that was it. Basically, we all had other shit to do. But, it was fun and I guess that's why we've brought these back now. We've made some changes (we're allowed, we wrote'em), Joey's singing, different tuning, well, you'll hear them for yourself. Oh, those of you who have never heart the original versions may recognize "Chromatic." MTV used it as theme music for Headbangers Ball for a long time. (They showed cars and trucks crashing and all sorts of stuff)

Bring the Noise: Bass! How low can you go? Damn, how heavy can you get? The main voice on verses one and two is Chuck D's. The main voice for verses three and four is Scotts. All the other voice are by Charlie and Frank with a little bit of flavor. The lyrics are by Chuck D and Hankd Shocklee. The music is by Anthrax and engineered by Mark Dodson.

Keep It In the Family (Live): This was recorded live at the National Exhibition Center, Birmingham, England on December 14th.

Startin' Up A Posse: The day this becomes a hit is the same day that people will realize there are no such things as "swear words" (why is "shit" bad and "excrement OK), that sex is not pornography, violence is, and that heavy metal is not the devil's music (I personally think he's into new age). This is a free country. Speak your minds people. Think it, say it, and fuckin' live it. The main voice on this track is by Scott. All the other voices are by Charlie, Frank, Joe, Dan, and Mark Dodson.

Protest and Survive: The main voice is Scotts'. This song was written by Discharge and is from the album "Hear nothing, see nothing, say nothing." Check this one out boys and girls, it's as heavy as it gets.

I'm the Man '91: Just like the title says, new '91 style. New words, new beats, new mix, new and improved (like Tide). Well, you'll hear for yourself. Charlie came up with all the beats and the idea to redo it. Special thanx to the Beastie Boys

Parasite: People ask us all the time, "Why do you do cover songs?" Fun, that's why. Any song we've ever covered or will cover in the future is a song that someone in the band loves. People wanna know what our influences are. All you've gotta do is look at the covers we do. It's fun to play a song that you love, to record it and listen to it. When we were mixing this, Gene Simmons came down to the sudio and we played it for him. He loved it and couldn't believe it was Joey singing. Then he breathed fire and spit blood all over the place. I smiled for a week.

Pipeline: People don't realize what an influence Don Wilson and Nokie Edwards playing has had on what's become known as "thrash" metal. Their riffing, slides, and especially their pikcing is so similar to so much that is going on now. They took such simple melodies and made them sound huge. Pick up a "Ventures" greatest hits CD, you won't be disappointed. Now for the technical stuff. We recorded this in early 1988 when we did "State of Euphoria". Scott plays all of the guitars on this. This track was previously released on "Penikufesin", an EP available only in Europe and Japan.

Sects: An ode to Jim Jones, the Kool-Aid Killer. Trust wrote some great songs. Antisocial is one of the all time anthems ever. It's a shame that this band didn't get the exposure in the US that other bands got in the early 80's. They were real life. No Dungeons and Dragons fantasy lyrics from is band. They wrote from the heart. Hardcore. Check out "Repression".

Belly of the Beast (Live): All the same info as "Keep It" track except this was from the second night, Dec 15th.

NFB (Dallabnikufesin): Four chords, the words; love, rain, crying, love, sweet, love, together...did I mention the word love? The magic formula that makes...A Ballad. Ecept, ours doesn't have such a happy ending (you can probably figure that out by the title). Originally, instead of the way it ends now, I wanted her to die slowly from cancer but that was bad karma, so we went for the truck. All the crying is real. We wrote it in 19 seconds and the really fucked up thing is this: what we consider to be a complete joke, other bands have based their whole careers on. Oh well, it's a free world, and everyone is allowed to suck if they want to.

See ya

P.S. If anyone is offended by this song they're an idiot.
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