Avicii feat. Etta James - end anıL sakineR lyrics

Uh, yeah, Rolie on my wrist
Stacks in my jeans
Box Chevy sittin clean, uh
Cars, Money, Cash, Clothes
Diamonds, Rarri's, Stacks, Ya know I was raised by the hustlers,
thats why i got the street influence,
raised hustle to survive, thats why im gettin to it,
my folks be goin through it,
I ain't tryna be strugglin,
most of my homies locked up,
but I'm still out here hustlin',
So I hit that clock everyday with me in mind,
at the end of the day take care of me and mine,
thats the grind I dont care what they say,
see my daughter needs to eat,
and a new pair of J's,
I heard the pastor preacher told me I was living a sin,
I seen him living in a mansion, and driving a Benz,
Whats the difference between me and you?
You said you living just for Jesus,
and I just see a theif in you,
I seen my momma work her whole life and barely got by,
slaving that 9 to 5, now me,
I'd rather get fly high,
I'm on that money, cars, cash, and clothes
couldn't care less about the cost,
even if its my soul.
Cars, Money, Cash, Clothes
Diamonds, Rarri's, Stacks, Ya know Yeah, yeah, Plain James, Yeah,
You can dress rich, you can ride clean,
as long as you see the bigger picture like a widescreen,
you ain't better than nobody cause you got green,
in the stripclub throwin' T's like a light breeze,
With your heart motivated by greed you,
guaranteed to fall like leaves,
the cash don't pass,
better humble yourself,
recognize who it is and supply your needs,
Better get lo-mein like noodles,
everything that we gain is feudal,
Martha West will soon decay,
like MJ dem J's gonna fade away,
Whatcha got left then?
As Soloman, dont strife about the wind,
he had everything that he wanted but he saw that is wasn't bout nothin in the end,
Devil and the money is the root of all evil i know that we need it,
but it shouldnt be worship,
we simply just use it to get stuff completed,
possesions dont make you successful,
thats just what a lot of these rappers be tellin you,
Dont be the prince if you're struggling
your tribulation is only preparing you.
Dont fall for the snare,
dont pick you picks by the prince to the heir,
tellin you he takin you to the top,
when really you're going nowhere
Vanity leads to calamity,
Easy isnt ethical and fast approvin,
be careful what you pursuin,
you dont want to fall tryna ball like Youan
Cars, Money, Cash, Clothes
Diamonds, Rarri's, Stacks, Ya know Uh, uh, Yeah,
It's all cool man,
its all cool,
ain't nothin wrong with havin things,
ain't nothin wrong with havin money,
just remember at the end of the day,
man that could all be taken away,
keep your heart on eternal things,
eternal things baby, yeah
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