Audiotec Apocalipse - Distorted Mind lyrics

A quest of the mind
An scope from the world
Adrift... Home?
A life... Forgotten...

Joken by the emptiness
Drown into the fog
Steering without direction
An empty vessel

Surrounded by stupidity, ignorance and worse
The fury no longer serene...
Avoiding your life by clouding your mind
Distractions the most useful activity
Distorted mind
Distorted reality
Justification aver the lock of change
Can this be called salvation?

Is a very state of mind
And death the absence of life
Is the fog the only alternative?

Angst over yesterday
Avoiding today
Fearing what will come tomorrow

When will I wake up from my slumben?

I still dream of living again
Was my endeavour too optimistic?
Will I ever reach my goal?

Is there a way out from this labyrinth of the mind?
Will I ever find the path?
Did I find peace beyond the light?
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