Archaic - Aromatic Roots lyrics

The roots is comin' (16x)

[black thought]
I rip the vocal backflip yo the kid is a bad bro
I can drip it hipper than dip into calyp-so
A-dios, amigo, which means I gots ta g-o
Makes you wonder bout my number
Guess my address or my p.o., here's a hint:
I'm from phila with a del but not the rio
Well, I'm guessing here is like exactly where the phi go
Now, we got the phila-del-phi why not top it off with an a?
The philadelphiadic rhythmatic way I'm straight from philly
Silly but rugged then a hill-billy
Just like I said before I sport my skully when it's chilly
My cap is from the lay up, my bows from the gilly
The roots, is out to blow up like a clip from out the milli
Or the oo-wop, I do drop, gizzantic, the crew wop
From out the darkest field I goes to pick the funk crop
You can't deny the props so stop before your fronts
Get loosened, introducing, the roots y'all.
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