Andreas Henneberg - Password Invalid (Mikey Lion & Rybo Remix) lyrics

I feel, I mean I have a sense of their being
A particular sort of, how do we say
A center of something
Some sort of senstive core inside the skin
And that corresponds to the word I
Let's take a look at this
I like girls, girls, girls, all day all night
If she got arms and legs
Then bingo she's my type, aw yeah
Mikey likes it
Uppers and downers at the same damn time
The mushroom caps with the cocaine lines, aw yeah
Mikey likes it
Curry chicken, easy cheese, chili peppers, soul to squeeze, yeah
Mikey likes it
Lava lamps, rainy days, Halle Berry, Purple Haze yeah
Mikey likes it
I like taking long hot showers in the darkness
Scrubbing myself with Dove soap
Mikey likes it
I like hopping in an Uber
Pretending I'm a crack head for the full ride
Scratching my neck, itching, sneezing
Mikey likes it
UFO's, lucid dreams, dirty Chuck's, denim jeans yeah
Mikey likes it
Yogananda, Stevie Nicks, Davey Waynes, naked pics yeah
Mikey likes it
I like the smell of gasoline
The taste of syrup on a peach
The feel of getting my hair cut
The look of Venice on LSD
I like it
Who like it, who like it?
I like it
It is a hallucination
That is to say a false sense of personal identity
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