03 - Sk8 Do Matheus - Froid (prod. Disstinto & LK) lyrics

In this song
Back alley here with you
It looks to me like a million dollar view
Write our names on this stone brick wall
(ah baby)
And fire my darling
shall I recall
I remember the way
We would both say that we'd be together forever in a day
Well, I guess that day came sooner than late
Cus now we're apart in a way
And it feels so strange
MGE would then you say
I used to call you bae
And you used to obey
And I just wish we can...
I got my business together
Wish I can get together
But time isn't ever
And I...
Tell a lie to you like never
If I was even ever given another chance to...
Like I've died and gone to heaven
Climbed inside a treasure
Died inside the pleasure like wow!
Your smile is but of essence
Your child is so precious
I wish he was paternally mine
But karma is a message
But Imma try to test it and scream for a blessing so loud
And I hope that you catch it and one day you can fall in out of the most highest cloud
Then I'll be there to catch you
Yes - I'll be there to let you do the things we didn't do before now
Neck time we had to stretch it
Do it never forget it
I never forgot, I wish that we could...
Heh heh
I'm just trying to talk to you
If I could talk to you then I will talk forever in a day
Yes - I remember so vividly how we would be when we lay
And my then blue skies were no longer grey she so brightened up my day
Put in on a scripture
She would be the picture if perfect had a face
I promise you, homie, that you would be hungry like me if you had a taste
I put it on my mama cus baby girl is a flower
A flower without a vase
No other needed there though she continues to grow more beautiful everyday
And I love her som'n vicious
And I was just wishing we could...
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