ÖRÜMCEK - Canım Seninle Olmak İstiyor (1986) lyrics

Don't fight the feeling, feeling, feeling
ooooh oooh
roll up a philly, philly philly
Pink Flamingos, passion fruit
pitch black Ray-Bans
Italian suits
no socks, top down but there's no you
I'm missing you
I- I- I- I'm missing you, I'm missing you
You make me smile
You make me feel like I'm the only one
(only one)
I lose track of time
when I'm with you (when I'm with you)
you stay on my mind, I got to make it back
home to you.
I gotta get back, back, back
gotta get back, back, back
inside of my D-D-D-D-D
DeLorean, DeLorean, DeLorean
so I'm changing the station
taking it back to Showtimes Synergy
give me that 1980 1986 shit
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