"Plus haut" ( France Gall ) Cover de Lolo lyrics

The landscape changes as we trade places
We're in another dimension, in a place that you call home
Walk me down the hall
It's dark as hell but I don't care at all
Cause' I've got tunnel vision
I've got tunnel vision
I can picture you lying with your back towards the covers as we bounce off each and every wall
So forget the politics, let's give this thing a whirl and in the morning I'll come find you
I'll find you
And onwards we move through the dark
Your hands graze the walls and then they spark
Transparent, I see through you
Your heart is glowing a deeper shade of blue
My body is tingling now
I'm nervous as hell cause' I can hear the sound of a humming inside my head
But when I look at you, it's alright
What can I say, I'm in your room
You're into me
I'm into you
Our bodies merge as one
Like a candle we burn
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