Heart of Eros

Heart of Eros In a world of mediocre melodies and less-than-inspired lyrics, the pop rock metal genre has more than enough room for cleverly crafted and thought provoking wit. Though he cites HIM, Faith No More, Incubus, and Deftones as musical favorites, Heart Of Eros (H.O.E.) singer-songwriter Rich Pineda sings music cut from a different cloth. While he has certainly expressed his inner rage and soul's darkness via song since H.O.E.'s first single, "Bitter Kiss Of Death" his band works a far meatier spectrum cognitive to the grunge bands of previous years with a much catchier attack. As proven throughout their debut album, Dark Romantic, vocalist Rich Pineda, lead guitarist Dale Gipe rythm guitarist Matt Ainsworth, bassist Manny Huerta and drummer Jason Woods have fully absorbed their influences and have filtered them all through their own unique musical perspectives. The resulting musical brew is a true feast for the senses, blending bold, strident guitar power, blues-driven vocal fury, and cutting-edge metal mayhem into a swirling cauldron of darkened rock interactants. This is heavy music that stands head and shoulders above today's field of cookie-cutter rock practitioners. A big thanks to all the fans- we have already felt your support and we truly appreciate it! Much love H.O.E.


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