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Billy se Fue Caracas, Venezuela, Year 2000. After a long time playing together in different bands with different music styles, Alz (voice), Nilz (bass), Carlz (drums) and Liz (guitar) decided to form Billy Se Fue (Billy Is Gone), influenced by the Neo-Glam that arose in England in the middle of the 90's. Billy Se Fue takes equal inspiration from three different decades and syles: from the 70's, in Glam artists like David Bowie and T. Rex; from the 80's Post-Punk movement in bands like The Smiths and The Cure, and finally from the 90's with Brit-Pop/Neo-Glam groups like Suede and Placebo, creating an amalgam which clearly shows the power of the band's pop/rock sound and the delishly glamorous image that is their trademark. In 2001, Jarz joins BSF as second guitarist, but that title lasts until the Mater Soul Rock Festival in 2002, when Liz leaves the group and Jarz becomes the lead. Billy is ready to dazzle your ears with a decadent mix of sex, feathers and rock 'n' roll.


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