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You're the One by Lisa Shipman and Hallerin Hill
This is a very beautiful spiritual love or Wedding song. Anyone looking for a wedding song this is it!! I hope you enjoy. You can find the single on for only .99 cents. All the...

Hallerin hill & Lisa shipman oure the one w/lyrics
No copyrights. LOVELOVELOVE.

You're the One wedding cover by D. Ella & Ivan
You're the One wedding song by Lisa Shipman and Hal Hollerin was a blast to sing with the talented Tenor Opera singer Ivan Tolbert.

"You're The One" - Lisa Shipman and Hallerin Hill
Custom instrumental track created by John Alexaz. Download the untagged complete track here: Check out the complete library here:

Only You - Lisa Shipman

You're The One Wedding Song
Wedding song and love song from Doreen Vail's CD "Reflections of a Yielded Vessel". Visit: WWW.DOREENVAIL.COM to order music or contact Doreen.

Robbie and Amanda McEwan's Wedding Song and Dance Black Keys You're The One.avi
Robbie and Amanda McEwan's Wedding Song and Dance Black Keys You're The One.

You're The One by Hallerin Hill
Cover by Peter Lloyd Lamar & Evan Samorlan Escamos of REVIVED SANITARIUM Iligan City, Philippines.

lisa hartman and kim lankford" you're the one duet"!!!!!
beautifull song performed by ginger and cidji!!

Twinniks - You're the One (feat. J-Lisa)
With thanks to the lovely J-Lisa.

"You're The One"
My first Youtube upload. Receive!

You're The One Donn Thomas

Becca Richter - You're The One, Wedding Song OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO [Copyright 2012]
All Rights Reserved by Becca Richter Music Copyright 2012 Proud to have filmed this video in my hometown, Waukesha, WI, made famous by Les Paul and most recently named a "Gibson Guitar Town"....

Nikki & the Corvettes - You're the One
From their self-titled 1980 album. You got the kind of look, baby, baby You got something that makes me crazy You got it going on, baby, baby You got the kind of look so don't say 'maybe'...

Written & Produced by the late great MICHAEL JACKSON.

You're The One 💍 Jennifer Holliday * Written By "Michael Jackson"
Jennifer Yvette Holliday (born October 19, 1960, Riverside, Texas) is an American singer and Tony Award-winning actress. She started her career on Broadway in musicals such as Dreamgirls (1981-85),...

You're the one
Mama ani & Bubba feat. gebroeders Van Amstel.

I Know That You're The One (Wedding Song)
Engineering/Production: M.Dmitrovic Voodoo Records Canada 2015 All Rights Reserved.

You're The One (Carpenters) - Wedding song - sung by Eveline
A great song for any beautiful wedding. Eveline, a singer/guitarist who started performing professionally at the NY World's Fair '64-65 and has continued her career throughout the years. In...

You're The One - Michael Zambetas Jr
This is a demo of the song..

Cece Winans-You're The One
Cece Winans-You're The One-Very beautiful song!!

Hallerin Hill - Beautiful
Litanosuke Select Original Soundtrack from "Not Easily Broken"

You're The One - Guy Allen

You're the one 💜💙💛

You're The One
Gospel Song Written & Performed by Gregory K. Swint Broken Shackles Gospel Music Ministry Copyright 2009.

You're the one blues rock love song ericdeshaies
You're the one blues rock love song ericdeshaies eric deshaies Gallactic football images.

The one He kept for me COVER by Byron Belle
Just a Cover of this amazing song originally done by: Maurette Brown Clark ENJOY

You're The One For Me.. By Shawran
dedicated for you..

Merche Moore - You're the one
gospel music.

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