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Drew McIntyre - Gallantry (Official Theme)
WWE Music Official Theme "Gallantry" Download on iTunes: Stream on Spotify: Follow CFO$

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2017: Drew McIntyre 9th and NEW WWE Theme Song - "Gallantry" with download link
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WWE | Drew Mcintyre New Entrance Theme 2010 | (HD)
Drew Mcintyre New Titantron 2010 - Broken Dreams by Downstait. Lyrics: "Last I met you on my head, perhaps the end is driving near (LADIES & GENTLEMAN PLEASE WELCOME THE INTERCONTINENTAL...

WWE Drew Mcintyre Theme Song 2011 - Legendado em Português [PT-BR] - Broken Dreams [Full HD]
By: Caverão Parceria de link entre em contato com caverão no site

WWE: "Broken Dreams" (Drew McIntyre) Theme Song + AE (Arena Effect)
WWE: "Broken Dreams" (Drew McIntyre) Theme Song + AE (Arena Effect) ○▭▭▭▭▭▭▭▭▭▭▭▭▭▭▭▭▭▭▭▭▭▭▭▭▭▭▭▭▭▭○ [Download Link - 320 Kbps]...

Drew McIntyre "Broken Dreams" Female Version 2 (Full Song)
This is my second female version of the drew mcintyte theme. It is the recently released full version of the song by shamans harvest as opposed to the wwe edit used on TV. All credit for...

#NXT: Drew McIntyre 10th Theme - Gallantry (HQ + Arena Effects)
Gallantry by CFO$. Album: WWE: Gallantry (Drew McIntyre) - Single [Download Links] Arena Effects: Arena Effects Exit: Normal:

Drew McIntyre Unused WWE Theme Song - "Broken Dreams" with download link
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Wwe Mashup : I Bring The Gallantry [ Drew Mcintyre & Baron Corbin ]
Anotha one. [ keep your eyes soon for a halloween mashup ] Credit to AjUniverse for Baron's Titantron. Credit to LethalInjection for Drew's Titantron.

Alvin & the Chipmunks WWE Themes - Drew McIntyre (New Version)
"Broken Dreams" (New Version) Featuring actual background vocals. Enjoy. Hope it turned out all right. Of course, all music to their respective owners.

WWE Nightcore - Gallantry (Drew McIntyre)
I hope you like this new wwe nightcore theme Pictiure:

WWE Drew McIntyre 6th Theme Song "Broken Dreams" (WWE Edit Long Intro) by Shaman's Harvest
Theme of probably the most underrated wrestler in the WWE Drew McIntyre. Theme Count 1st: "Regality" 2nd: "Gaelic Highland" 3rd: "Gaelic Highland" (2nd Version) 4th: "It's Too Late" 5th:...

Broken Dreams- Shaman's Harvest (Lyrics)
I finally got this up! I should have other vids up soon, too. I guarantee there's something wrong here. I don't own.

Wwe Drew McIntyre Theme Song Broken Dreams

Alvin and the Chipmunks WWE Themes - Drew McIntyre
"Broken Dreams" All music goes to their respective owners.

Drew McIntyre Theme "Broken Dreams" 100% Full (Extended Intro)
Song is Broken Dreams by Shamans Harvest. The full song with the extended intro.

WWE Drew McIntyre Theme Song "Broken Dreams" [High Pitched]
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WWE - Drew McIntyre "Broken Dreams" Theme Cover
Cover of "Broken Dreams" by Shaman's Harvest, composed by Jim Johnston. Gear Used: Thirteen Les Paul Bargian Musician TB Ibanez Weeping Demon Jr. Logic Pro 9 Superior Drummer 2.0 EZ Mix 2 iPhone 5s.

How to play Drew Mcintyre's theme
i have posted up the tabs to this song on the following link: i did it in drop d tuning, but it'd probably...

Drew McIntyre 6th WWE Theme Song (Arena Effect) - Broken Dreams

WWE The Music: The Beginning "Broken Dreams V2" by Drake Hunt (Drew McIntyre)
Bonus track from the newest WWE iTunes album "The Beginning" Download Link:

Broken Voices - Drew McIntyre/Randy Orton WWE Mashup
MP3 Download: This uses the Drake Hunt theme, not the Shamans Harvest one, which was mashed by Mabita. This is different ya browns. Not uploading...

WWE - MASHUP DAY 2017: Drew McIntyre and Cedric Alexander "Won't Dream"
Part 2-6 , featuring Drew McIntyre's old theme song and Cedric Alexander's current one. If you enjoyed this video, give it a big thumbs up, leave any comments below, and subscribe to get notified...

Drew McIntyre Theme - Seeing Red (Extreme Music Libary)
Drew McIntyre Theme - Seeing Red (Extreme Music Libary)

NEW) 2013 Drew McIntyre 1st TNA Theme Song ►_Colors_ By Crossfade + DLᴴᴰ

Drew McIntyre 6th WWE Theme Song "Broken Dreams" (WWE Edit)
Drew McIntyre 6th WWE Theme Song Broken Dreams. Theme Information: Title: Broken Dreams Artist: Shaman's Harvest Download Link: Theme Count: 1st: "Regality"...

Drew McIntyre Theme COVER
Drew McIntyre's Theme "Gallantry" ▻Feel free to use as long as i am credited. Thanks and enjoy. ▻Download Link:

#WWE: Drew McIntyre 7th Theme - Broken Dreams (HQ + 2nd WWE Edit + Arena Effects)
Broken Dreams performed by Shaman's Harvest and composed by Jim Johnston. Album: WWE: Broken Dreams (Drew McIntyre) [feat. Shaman's Harvest] - Single [Download Links] Arena Effects:

Wwe Mashup : Reclaim The Gallantry [ Seth Rollins & Drew Mcintyre ]
Had to do another one . Credit to TheLethalInjection for Mcintyre's titantron.