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수영Artist info Choi Sooyoung (최수영; born February 10, 1990, in Gwangju City, South Korea) is a singer, actress, model, spokesmodel, TV host, radio DJ, and member of the South Korean idol group, Girls' Generation.Before Sooyoung's audition to SM Entertainment and 2007 debut under 소녀시대 (Girls' Generation), she made a brief debut in Japan as a singer in the short-lived idol duo called routeφ in 2002. She first debuted with Marina Takahashi with the song "Start". While in Japan, she became close friends with BoA and Sunday from The Grace as they too were working in Japan as singers at the time... Read more

Sometime (The Spring Day of My Life) 김태현 -딕펑스 OST 내 생애 봄날 OST Part.1
After sometime 눈을 뜨면 너의 미소가 생각나 사라질 듯 희미해진 기억 속에도 나타나 I can feel your heart Can you feel this word it's true 나의 가슴에 너의...

Wind Flower SooYoung수영 (The Spring Day of My Life OST)

I Believe 가인 @ 내 생애 봄날 OST Part.4 (The Spring Day of My Life OST Part.4)
거친 바다 파도처럼 내게 찾아온 사람 나도 모르게 내 눈이 그댈 기다리고 있죠 따스한 봄 햇살처럼 마음 밝혀 준 사람 나도 모르는 새 눈물 내...

SNSD SooYoung 『바람꽃 (Wind Flower)』 Edited Ver.  「내생애봄날 (The Spring Day of My Life)」 OST SooYoung 『바람꽃 (Wind Flower / 風花)』 Edited Ver. 「내생애봄날 (The Spring Day of My Life / 私の人生の春の日)」 OST All portraits...

spring days of my life - Sooyoung - EP15 preview
Pls don't give me a bad ending~~~~

있잖아 널 사랑해 (The Spring Day of My Life) 정준일 OST 내 생애 봄날 OST Part.2
따뜻한 봄바람처럼 상냥하게 내게 불어오던 너 찬란하게 피어나던 여름의 꽃처럼 반짝이던 너 널 사랑해 아무도 들을 수 없게 내 귓가에만 들리게...

【HD】 [130609] SECRET - Spring days of my life

Wind Flowers(The Spring Day Of My Life)_Soo Young(SNSD) 수영_TJ노래방 (Karaoke/lyrics)
Wind Flowers(The Spring Day Of My Life) -- Soo Young(SNSD) -- TJ Karaoke Song NO. 39273 바람꽃(내생애봄날OST) -- 수영(소녀시대) -- TJ노래방 곡번호 39273 If you want more...

수영 Sooyoung 바람꽃 Wind Flower My Spring Days OST Part 8
Sooyoung voice is perfect fit for this song~~~~

[MV] Gain (가인) - I Believe (내 생애 봄날(My Spring Days) OST Part.4)
MV (뮤비) - Music Video (뮤직비디오) 720p Gain (가인) of Brown Eyed Girls - I Believe ○ MBC 수,목 미니시리즈 '내 생애 봄날' OST part.4 가인-I believe ○ '가인',...

Gain (가인 )- I Believe (내 생애 봄날) My Spring Days .OST( Instrumentl)

Spring days /korean drama/ español ost proximamente
este drama estare subtitulando poco a poco este es uost de que se trata este drama, spring days cuenta con 20 capitulos y es del año 2005 pero me encanto el sipnosis esta algo relacionado...

Park Jae Jung- Who Are You (My Spring Days OST) polskie napisy
Park Jae Jung- Who Are You (My Spring Days OST) polskie napisy.

제이엘(JL) - 눈물 비 [My Spring Days OST Part.6] (Full Audio MP3 Download)

Spring Days OST - Main Title (Classic Version)
Spring Days Soundtrack Main Title Classic Version.

Kim Tae Hyun [DickPunks] - Sometime [ My Spring Days OST Part.1] (Full Audio MP3 Download)

SNSD Sooyoung "Windflower" From "My Spring Day" OST Piano Version
My bias Sooyoung with a precious OST track! As if starring in this beautiful drama is not enough for her fans yet, she delivers a lovely ballad here, further building up our expectation for...

sooyoung . - My Spring Days OST. Sometime (Instrumental)

[Thaisub]Sooyoung - wind flower(My Spring Days Ost.)
Hangul: music daum Thai lyrics: Eng trans : popgasa Thai trans : Jisaranan.

Wind Flower - SooYoung (OST My Spring Days)
Leaving you is only temporary. Like tree leaves that follow the wind, like the dimming night sky, even if I disappear, don't be sad, because our love still remains so blessed. For a long time,...

Ivy (아이비) - Day by Day [Bravo My Life OST Part.1]
Album : Day by Day [Bravo My Life OST Part.1] Artist : Ivy (아이비) Release Date : 2017-10-28 Genre : OST Label : 주식회사 블렌딩 Language : Korean Lyrics : Lonely day neol saenggakhae...

The Offspring - The Kids Aren't Alright
Playlist Best of Offspring: Subscribe for more: Music video by The Offspring performing The Kids Aren't Alright. (C) 1999 Round Hill Records Manufacture...

[TR Altyazılı] Sooyoung - Wind Flower (My Spring Days OST)
Snsd Sooyoung My Spring Days dizisinin ostsi için seslendirdiği Wind Flower şarkısının Türkçe çevirisi. Çeviri & Zamanlama: melinda.

You're My Spring - Secret Garden OST (English Sub)
You're My Spring - Sung Si Kyung Secret Garden OST.

Sometime(My Spring Days 내생애봄날 OST)_Kim Tae Hyun(DickPunks) 김태현(딕펑스)_TJ노래방 (Karaoke/lyrics)
Sometime(My Spring Days OST) -- Kim Tae Hyun(DickPunks) -- TJ Karaoke Song NO. 39081 Sometime(내생애봄날OST) -- 김태현(딕펑스) -- TJ노래방 곡번호 39081 If you want more K-Pop...

[MP3/DL] The Position - Last Love Of My Life [Scandal OST] [Eng Trans]
DL: Click SKIP AD after 5 seconds! My love, it hurts just looking at you Tears form in my eyes and flow I can't forget you even if I die My bruised heart, I throw myself...

Gain 가인 (Brown Eyed Girls) - I Believe (My Spring Day OST Part.4)

[繁中字]我人生的春天(My Spring Days)OST.GAIN-I Believe
我人生的春天(My Spring Days)OST. 孫佳人首次演唱韓劇的OST. ((粗略中翻,敬請見諒。))

그댄 누군가요 - 박재정 내 생애 봄날 OST Part.3 [My Spring Days OST Part.3]
눈을 감는다 아련한 기억이 흐릿하게 느껴진다 기억을 더듬어 생각해 본다 우리 언제 만난 적 있나요 이 향기 이 온기 기억 속 어딘가에서 꺼내...

I Believe(내생애봄날OST)_Gain 가인_TJ노래방 (Karaoke/lyrics/romanization/KOREAN)
I Believe(The Spring Day Of My Life OST) -- Gain -- TJ Karaoke Song NO. 39193 I Believe(내생애봄날OST) -- 가인 -- TJ노래방 곡번호 39193 If you want more K-Pop Karaoke? Subscribe... | | | 702 | | | | paul van dyk | | 702 | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | |