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Oktaves - Ikot
Music video by Oktaves performing Ikot. (C) 2014 MCA Music, Inc.

The Octave Illusion (Diana Deutsch) | Metalworks Institute Online Course
This excerpt is from the Metalworks Institute online course - Ear Training and Critical Listening for Recording Engineers. To learn more about Metalworks Institute and our comprehensive diploma...

1∆ The Octave, Tuning, Intervals, Circle of Fifths, Proportion...
1∆ The Octave, Tuning, Intervals, Circle of Fifths, Proportion... Lesson 1: We explore the history, composition and subdivision of the octave... musical intervals ...both "equal" and "perfect"...

Harmony For Guitar: Composing with the Rule of the Octave
Fundamental Harmony available for digital download at

Always Bringin' The Octave - In Conversation with Tim Lefebrve /// Scott's Bass Lessons
Download the FREE workbook with TAB/Notation here: ================================================= ▻ Start Your FREE ScottsBassLessons Academy Trial Here: http://bit...

B Minor Rule of the Octave Arpeggio
My new harmony book is now available for digital download at It's a technique book like no other, because it focuses on creating mood and atmosphere as...

Building the Rule of the Octave
Partimento is a very interesting approach to learn harmony for keyboard players. Consult Robert Gjerdingen's excellent website for more information:

Béla Bartók. Piano Mikrokosmos Volumen 1. 28 Canon at the Octave Audición. Partitura
Béla Bartók. Piano Mikrokosmos Volumen 1. 28 Canon at the Octave Audición. Partitura Más información en el blog En el Canal

Rimsky Korsakov Nicolai, The octave (tenore Sergej Larin)
tenore Sergej Larin pianista Eleonora Bekova.

Classical Improv, Part 4: Bass Motions (Rule of the Octave)
This is not so much a complete study of Rule of the Octave as a quick demonstration of how a common bass motion provides the foundation for improvisation.

The Octave Hour #01
Recorded live at a garden party with friends. Octave | Make sure to leave a like and comment on this video if you enjoyed what you heard. We would appreciate it if you would also take the...

Le violon octave, the octave violin
kreutzer no.2 played on the octave violin. Kreutzer no.2 joué au violon octave.

Gong - Inner Temple (Zero Meets The Octave Doctor)
from the 1977 album "Vive Gong"

Octopus vs. Sub! (Battle of the octave pedals) CNZ audio & TC electronics
A shootout between the octopus and the sub'n up! The octopus is about half the price of the sub and also has the ability to save one preset. The sub has flawless tracking and has tone print...

The Octave Pattern - Learn your fretboard quickly! The octave pattern is a very powerful one that is useful for learning the fretboard, and also during soloing. In this quick video you'll learn the octave...

The National Anthem - 8vb, The Octave Below
Soprano: Emily Kenkel Alto: Erica Krasienko Tenor: JJ Long Tenor: Alex Antonelli Bass: Andrew Herbert National Anthem as sung by Faith First.

The Neverending Octave Lick
Download the FREE tabs ▻▻Free Theory Course On this lesson we are going to use the octave concept we discussed on a previous video to...

Octave CAT
A walkthrough of the Octave Cat SRM II. Manufactured between 1976 & 1981 and considered by some to a copycat ARP Odyssey, we look at why that seems an unfair comparison and why we think,...

Writing Invertible Counterpoint at the Octave
For more articles and videos on music theory, please visit Invertible Counterpoint

Gong - The octave doctors and The crystal machine
Album: Flying teapot Année: 1973.

Din Anuprastha Cover - The Octaves
4G brothers presents Parsa Music festival 074.

Up the Octave - "Walking on Sunshine"
Cheltenham High School's all female student-run "Up the Octave" performing "Walking on Sunshine".

Irish Trad Low Whistle Tutorial 2 - Crossing the Octave
Please enjoy the process.

Titanium --Up the Octave
arr. Melissa Friedman.

the Octave Screamer demo The Octave Screamer is a polyphonic octaves pedal with an on board overdrive option. It gives a clean upper and lower octave and has parameters for each as well...

Ear Training: All Chromatic Intervals in the Octave
Ear Training with Spock - All Chromatic Intervals within the octave: m2, M2, m3, M3, P4, tritone, P5, m6, M6, m7, M7, P8 This video contains two tests of 26 questions involving all the intervals...

Hold On --Up the Octave

Octave Jumping on the Uilleann Pipe
First exercises for beginners in jumping the octave with the uilleann pipe. Learning to increase and decrease pressure to jump up and down; simple stepping up to lower 2nd octave notes; venting...

The Octave Sun - The Next Galaxy (the Outer Reaches)
Lyrics and music written by James N. Tobola (C) 2016 The Octave Sun Facebook:

Gong - Inner Temple - Zero Meets the Octave Doctor
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