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the GazettEArtist info the GazettE is a visual kei rock band from Japan. They formed in 2002 under the name ガゼット, though later changed the name to the Gazette in 2006. Members: Vocalist : ルキ [Ma'die Kusse -> L'ie:Chris -> Kar+te=zyAnose -> the GazettE]Guitarist : 麗 [Ma'die kusse -> L'ie:Chris -> kar+te=zyAnose -> the GazettE]Guitarist : 葵 [Melville -> Artia -> the GazettE]Bassist : れいた [Ma'die Kusse -> L'ie:Chris -> Kar+te=zyAnose -> the GazettE]Drummer : 戒 [Mareydi†Creia’ -> La'deathopiA -> the GazettE]They were recognized for their 1st single, "別れ道" (Wakaremichi), released in April 2002 and held their first live March 10th of that year. the GazettE was originally signed with the Matina label, but in March 2003, they switched over to the PS COMPANY label, right after replacing their original drummer ユネ (Yune) with their current one, 戒 (Kai) ex-drummer of Mareydi†Creia’... Read more

the GazettE - Zetsu PV (HD/720p)

【LIVE】ガゼット_the GazettE「舐~zetsu~」【HD】
LIVE & DVD 10TH ANNIVERSARY THE DECADE LIVE AT 03.10 MAKUHARI MESSE <DISC 1> [本編_Main] 01. DECADE 02. 未成年_Miseinen 03. 赤いワンピース_Akai One-Piece 04. 春ニ散リケ...

The Gazette - Zetsu lyrics in Japanese and English
The video for the song Zetsu with the lyrics in Japanese and their translation attached to it.

Gazette Zetsu MP3
クレジットアーティストに行く Disclaimer: Full credit goes to the artist.

ガゼット / 舐 ~Zetsu~ PV
Realese:08.07.2004 Single: dainippon itangeishateki no-miso chu-zuri zeccho zekkei ongenshu - (大日本異端芸者的脳味噌中吊り絶頂絶景音集)

the GazettE - Zetsu [PV subs español]
Una de mis caniones favoritas *o* ! El Ruki se ve bien ero *--* ~ creditos a por traducirlo ;D --------------------------------------------------- ...

【PV】ガゼット_the GazettE「舐~zetsu~」【HD】
CD [SINGLE] 2004.7.28「舐~zetsu~」 [MAXI-SINGLE] 2004.7.28「大日本異端芸者的脳味噌中吊り絶頂絶景音源集」

the GazettE - 舐~zetsu~ [PV]
Os direitos autorais deste vídeo pertencem a PS Company. Este é o PV de Zetsu da banda the GazettE. versão remasterizada em HD 1080p. DOWNLOAD:!hFQSWZAa!MuI_otl1UyrhwBYMjC6i...

Zetsu [PV] ~ the GazettE
great song.

the GazettE - Zetsu English lyrics: A rainy Tuesday; in a horrible way, the dampness is comforting From the messy bedroom, I can hear, emotionally Her dissatisfaction, greed, jealousy...

the GazettE - 舐~zetsu~ (Drum Cover) [The Decade Live]
the GazettE - 舐~zetsu~ (Drum Cover) [The Decade Live] Covered By Phi (Drummer of Chaser) Visit Bands Channel Like us on Facebook https://www.facebo...

大日本異端芸者ガゼット 舐~zetsu~ Guitar Cover
麗partです 結成10周年おめでとう(。-_-。) 久しぶりのアップですが、相変わらずのリズム感なし、音ズレです笑.

The Gazette- Zetsu guitar cover
Couldn't sync the audio and video up. Eh...oh well.

The Gazette - Zetsu

The GazettE - Zetsu【PV】【HD】[ガゼット - 舐]
The GazettE - Zetsu【PV】【HD】[ガゼット - 舐] Very Old PV . Please Enjoy! I Do Not Own.

[Full] The GazettE - Zetsu
Enjoy! :3.

The GazettE - Red (Live)
Track 5 from GROAN OF VENOMOUS CELL DVD. Live at Toyosu Bay-Side Square in Tokyo, Japan.

The Gazette - Zetsu PV
The GazettE - Zetsu PV !!!Disclaimer: This video is for entertainment purpose only, no copyright infringement is intended, all material property of its original owner. This belongs to The...

【LIVE】ガゼット_the GazettE「春雪の頃」【HD】
LIVE & DVD 10TH ANNIVERSARY THE DECADE LIVE AT 03.10 MAKUHARI MESSE <DISC 1> [本編_Main] 01. [SE] DECADE 02. 未成年_Miseinen 03. 赤いワンピース_Akai One-Piece 04. 春ニ散...

The GazettE (ガゼット) "Zetsu" ~ Guitar cover (WIP)
The GazettE (ガゼット) "Zetsu" ~ Guitar cover (WIP) Thank you for watching!

The Gazette - Filth in the Beauty (cover by Zetsu band)
live @ Rock House.(Bandung,Indonesia)

the GazettE - Zetsu (German Sub)

the GazettE - Zetsu legendado PT BR

The Gazette - Zetsu (guitar cover by Mschiffer)
Otro cover que hice de Gazette, esta ves con la rola ZETSU me agrada esta cancion por el ritmo que lleva y como canta Ruki, espero les agrade.

The Gazette Zetsu
Musik von The Gazette Song Zetsu Bilder nicht meine Eigenen Text von mir Gazette ist einfach geil.

the Gazette _ Zetsu (Cancion)*S & K*
Para Salome By: †S.B.A.S†

[A.N.A] BL GAMES ("zetsu" the gazette)

The GazettE - Zetsu [ガゼット - 舐]
The GazettE - Zetsu.

Zetsu - The Gazette.flv
es una banda visual de japon.. me encanta este tema disfrutenlo ustedes tambien.

the GazettE - Zetsu

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