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Syd Barrett The Madcap Laughs FULL Album

Syd Barrett - Barrett (1970) [Full Album]
00:00:00 1. Baby Lemonade 00:04:10 2. Love Song 00:07:14 3. Dominoes 00:11:20 4. It Is Obvious 00:16:10 5. Rats 00:21:23 6. Maisie 00:25:59 7. Gigolo Aunt 00:31:44...

Syd Barrett - Opel
On a distant shore, miles from land stands the ebony totem in ebony sand a dream in a mist of gray... on a far distant shore... The pebble that stood alone and driftwood lies half...

Syd Barrett - Octopus
Song from the album "The Madcap Laughs" (1970). ORIGINAL GOOD QUALITY VERSION.

Pink Floyd - Live With Syd Barrett - 1967 - Prt 1/3

Terrapin - Syd Barrett
From The Madcap Laughs.

Pink Floyd / SYD Barrett 1967
See Emily Play - Apples and Oranges - Arnold Lane - Jugband Blues 1967 - Pow R. Toc H - "Astronomy Domine" 1967 Emily Play Top of the Pops, BBC Lime Grove Studios, Shepherd??s Bush, London....

Syd Barrett - Golden Hair
Lean out your window, golden hair I heard you singing in the midnight air My book is closed, I read no more Watching the fire dance, on the floor I've left my book, I've left my room ...

Pink Floyd ,Syd Barret ,The Beatles - What a shame Mary Jane
Pink Floyd - Syd Barret - What a shame Mary Jane - With The Beatles On April 15, 1967 Very rare.

Syd Barrett on Acid 1966
Rare vid clip of Syd Barrett founder member of Pink Floyd.

Syd Barrett - Octopus
Trip to heave and ho, up down, to and fro' you have no word trip, trip to a dream dragon hide your wings in a ghost tower sails crackiling at ev'ry plate we break cracked by scattered...

Syd Barrett-Baby Lemonade
In the sad town cold iron hands clap the party of clowns outside rain falls in gray far away please, please, Baby Lemonade In the evening sun going down when the earth streams...

Syd Barrett-Here I Go
This is a story 'bout a girl that I knew she didn't like my songs and that made me feel blue she said: "a big band is far better than you"... She don't rock 'n' roll, she don't like...

Syd Barrett - Late Night

In memory of the late great SYD heres a clip of his first psychedelic trip... and some good footage of the FLOYD later on in the clip.... This song is called "Coral" by a band called Dilate...

Bike - Syd Barrett-Pink Floyd
Bike By Syd Barret And Pink Floyd.

Syd Barrett-Long Gone
She was long gone, long, long gone she was gone, gone, the bigger they come the larger her hand 'till no one understands why for so long she'd been gone. And I stood very still by...

Syd Barrett - Dark Globe
Song from the album "The Madcap Laughs" (1970). ORIGINAL GOOD QUALITY VERSION.

Pink Floyd and Syd Barret Story (1 d 5) [sub ita]
This is the first part of an interesting documentary about Syd Barrett and his life with Pink Floyd. Recommended! The video is subtitled in italian (for the happyness of all Pinkfloydian Italian...

Le fantôme de Syd Barrett, WISH YOU WERE HERE de PINK FLOYD
Lorsque Nick Mason, le batteur de Pink Floyd, donne en 1987 une interview à une journaliste pour parler de l'actualité du groupe, et qu'il mentionne le nom de Syd Barrett, celle-ci lui...

Syd Barret - Long Gone
Syd Barrett (6 January 1946 -- 7 July 2006), born Roger Keith Barrett, was an English singer-songwriter, guitarist and painter. He is most remembered as a founding member of psychedelic/progressive...

Syd Barrett - Effervescing Elephant
An Effervescing Elephant with tiny eyes and great big trunk once whispered to the tiny ear the ear of one inferior that by next June he'd die, oh yeah! because the tiger would roam. The...

syd barrett - if it's in you
if it's in you madcap laughs syd barrett.

Syd Barrett /Pink Floyd - Arnold Layne
April 29 /1967 Another promotional film was recorded for the song, this time filmed on 29 April near St Michael's Church in Highgate. It is the only known footage of Barrett lip-synching to...

Pink Floyd "Shine On You Crazy Diamond" Syd Barrett Tribute
Just something simple for people to put on their MySpaces, etc. This is the version from the old VHS tape of Pulse (which IMHO had much better camera angles than the new DVD). The beginning...

Syd Barrett - Documentary

Pink Floyd (Syd Barret) - Vegetable Man
Vegetable Man - Syd Barret In yellow shoes I get the blues Though I walk the streets with my plastic feet With my blue velvet trousers, make me feel pink There's a kind of stink about blue...

Pink Floyd - Shine On You Crazy Diamond (King Syd Barrett)
Pink Floyd - Shine On You Crazy Diamond (King Syd Barrett) Full Song Ένα αφιέρωμα στον Syd Barrett ιδρυτικό και καταλυτικό μέλος των Pink Floyd.....έν...

David Gilmour - Dominoes by Syd Barrett
David Gilmour in Concert - Meltdown 2002.

Syd Barret - Jugband Blues [subtitulado español]
Aunque la versión oficial de la locura de Syd Barret es el abuso de las drogas (el LSD hace furor en esa época), la verdad es que mirando sus letras ya se advierte que su mente va mucho más...

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