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SurferosaArtist info Surferosa is a Norwegian pop/rock band comprised of Mariann (vocals and keytar), Andy (synthesizer), Jan Roger (drums), Kjetil (guitar), and Ziggy (bass guitar). They are known for their distinct costumes and trashy electrified pop music. The band was formed in 2000 and are from Telemark, Norway. They became popular in Norway when they won a tour and studio recording in a band contest called So What... Read more

Surferosa - Royal Uniform
Surferosa is a rock band from Norway, known for its distinct costumes and trashy electrified pop music. The band's musical style is primarily rock with punk/New ...

FIFA 07 Soundtrack - Surferosa - Royal Uniform
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Surferosa - Royal Uniform
Music By [X]-TasY`__.

Surferosa - Royal Uniform
Live fra 100-årsfesten i 2005.

Royal Uniform
Surferosa Crazy Norwegian synthpunkers.

Surferosa in Store Studio
Interview with Mariann Thomassen of Surferosa and a live performance of Royal Uniform, enjoy :)

Surferosa - Saturday Night
Videoer av Mariann Thomassen.

Surferosa - Powerstation

music video.

surferosa - lucky lipstick
track 01.

Surferosa - Impulsive (Did I)
The hottest band in the world - New single June 2006.

Surferosa - U look good
MGP 2009.

The old t.A.T.u. times
My video to celebrate the old times of t.A.T.u.! Music: Royal Uniform - Surferosa.

Surferosa - Impulsive (Did I)
Surferosa - Impulsive ( Did I) High Quality video.

lucky Lipstick

lucky lipstick - surferosa

Surferosa - The future
Surferosa framfører sin nye låt the future i oslo spektrum under idol finalen.

Surferosa - the Future
Surferosa - the Future from Surferosa's upcoming album!

surferosa - saturday night
track 08.

Surferosa - Open Your Eyes (Live from Senkveld 05-04-08)

Saturday Night
Music video for the song Saturday Night by Surferosa.

Surferosa live
Klipp fra da Surferosa kom på scenen i Braathallen, 18.desember =D.

Surferosa - U look good
Fra Melodi Grand Prix-delfinalen i Kongsvinger.

Surferosa - The future
The Norwegian band 'Surferosa' plays in Bjergstedparken in Stavanger 2008.

Surferosa - The Future
Surferosa "The Future"

Surferosa - Bungalow Bang with lyrics
One of the songs on Surferosa's second album: The Force. Please visit or :)

Surferosa - Saturday night
Surferosa i Bodø, onsdag 12 mars utenfor SAS hotellet.

Surferosa -- Neon commando
music video.

surferosa ålesund

surferosa - panorama
track 12.

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