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[Eng Sub] supercell - 約束をしよう【さよならメモリーズ】
Update 3-4-10: CDs arrived, checked the official lyrics, made some corrections. Darned kanji homophones. Oricon #6! Okay this was essentially my entire ...

Yakusoku wo Shiyou - supercell [English and Romanji Sub]
Yakusoku wo Shiyou - supercell Background Pic from : Lyric from : + some edit from me 'w') Thx to ...

yakusoku wo shiyou Supercell sub español

[Supercell] 約束をしよう (Yakusoku wo Shiyou) Piano Cover
Song: 約束をしよう (Yakusoku wo Shiyou/Let's Promise) Music: Supercell Album: Sayonara Memories Piano cover: ranraning Have I mentioned how much I like ...

Nightcore - Yakusoku wo Shiyou
Song: Yakusoku wo Shiyou - Supercell •Picture link: •Fair Use: "Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the ...

[Elaborate-FS]Supercell - Yakusoku wo Shiyou (karaoke thai translate)
Download : How to make Karaoke Effect : visit us ...

Sayonara Memories & Yakusoku Wo Shiyou - Supercell (With Lyrics)
Sayonara Memories and Yakusoku Wo Shiyou by Supercell. No copyright intended.

【SAYA】 Supercell - 約束をしよう / Yakusoku wo Shiyou / Let's Promise【歌ってみた】
Another short song to conclude the day with~ Let's Promise by Supercell.

【Soraru】Yakusoku wo Shiyou - Let's Promise 【THsub】
ซับไม่ชัดมากๆ เพราะเป็นซับตัวที่เราทำครั้งแรก... มั่วขนาดไฟล์ไปหน่อยค...

【Natsu】Yakusoku wo Shiyou - Supercell【歌ってみた】
Song: 約束をしよう Yakusoku wo Shiyou/Let's Promise Artist: Supercell Instrumental: (thank you very much!) Lyrics ...

【Sub Ita】 Supercell - Yakusoku wo Shiyou
Song: Yakusoku wo Shiyou [ 約束をしよう] / Let's Promise Music: Supercell/ryo.

[VIỆT SUB] Let's Promise (Ryo) - Nagi Yanagi [Dreamer's Sub]
ENGLISH SUB: ☆ - cái này là re-up XD link down ở dưới =Infomartion & lyrics romanji= * The song or pictures ...

[Vietsub] Yakusoku wo Shiyou - supercell ft. Soraru
Original video: Guitar: ShounenT ( Illust: MACCO ...

Supercell - Let's promise [VOSTFR]
Yakusoku wo Shiyou supercell from Sayonara Memories single.

【Sakura】約束をしよう l Yakusoku wo Shiyou
Hey hey, read me :)) Song: Yakusoku wo shiyou / Let's promise Original singer: NAgi Gazelle Arranger: Ryo/Supercell ...

Supercell - Yakusoku wo Shiyou
from the album Sayonara Memories feat Yanagi Nagi.

[Cover] Supercell - Yakusoku wo Shiyou (約束をしよう)
I promise this is the last thing I'm gonna sing between now and my Asian American Studies final. ㄱ_ㄱ So um. I just got over being sick--like, LITERALLY.

Yakusoku wo Shiyou - 約束をしよう - Fancover
Excuse the low quality image. The video editing software killed it. Sang the song and threw in my old artwork I did dedicated to it. Random filters and effects.

Yakusoku wo Shiyou (Let's Promise) - Alexandra [Fandub Español]
"Cuando este triste y solitaria No me enojaré aunque este infeliz Asi que... Lo mejor es que luego Me olvides y sigas con tu vida así Eso prometeme a mi.

Yakusoku wo Shiyou - Lets Promise [Soraru] [Sub español]
vocal original : Nagi - Supercell.

【NAgi】Yakusoku wo Shiyou - Let's Promise 【THsub】

『Yakusoku wo Shiyou』One-shot Cover【Kazou】
Sorry for the many mistakes! SoundCloud Link: WINDOWS MOVIE MAKER ...

เพลง สัญญากับฉันนะ - Jiramesia feat.Fon [Yakusoku wo shiyou Supercell Cover]
Original by Supercell - Yakusoku wo shiyou Re - arrange by Jiramesia Guitar : Jiramesia Vocal : Fon Facebook

Supercell- Yakusoku wo Shiyou/ Let's Promise [English Cover]
So there's this beautiful song by Supercell in which Nagi, also known as Gazelle sings. It's a terribly beautiful song that I'm suprised not alot of people have ...

[ Thai.Ver ] supercell - Yakusoku wo Shiyou {Chrome + bellbe}
[ Thai.Ver ] supercell - Yakusoku wo Shiyou {Chrome + bellbe} Thai Lyrics : Lament47 Vocal : TheChrome Bc x bellbe ใช่ Smule Sing Karaoke ในการอัดและบันทึ...

Supercell Yakusoku Wo Shiyou (sasusaku)
AMO EL SASUSAKU ^O^ espero que les guste sayo ^^

"Yakusoku wo Shiyou" Cover

Let's Promise/Yakusoku wo Shiyou - Supercell (cover by Immm)
Lyrics: Instrumental: Vocal: Immm.

Supercell - 約束をしよう【さよならメモリーズ】Cover Yakusoku wo Shiyou Yanagi Nagi
The song match today since it is 12/21/2012. :D I made a promise to my dog, that I will continue to love him and hold him and search for him even when we are ...

Supercell - Let's Promise Yakusoku wo Shiyou (Guitar Cover by Khaled Yehia)
Supercell - Let's Promise Yakusoku wo Shiyou (Guitar Cover by Khaled Yehia)

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