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Riverdance - American Wake
Riverdance - 10th Anniversary.

Riverdance - American Wake (The Nova Scotia Set)
Riverdance - 2002 Show.

Riverdance - American Wake
One more for my friends at Blackbird :) A Blackbirdösöknek! ;)

Riverdance | La Danza del Río (New York, 1996)
[email protected], espero que disfruten de esta hermosa obra maestra de la danza irlandesa. Acabo de subtitularlo todo en inglés y ahora lo estoy traduciendo al español para también añadirlo (lo subo...

Riverdance: Lift the Wings, a song of love
Performed in New York by Riverdance, Lift the Wings tells the bittersweet tale of an irish couple, seperated in a choice to leave the motherland to come to America or to remain. I was lucky...

Riverdance - American Wake | IRISH BOUZOUKI COVER
Hey guys, here's a cover I really wanted to do. Bill Whelan's American Wake. (Riverdance) Visit: Enjoy ! Also, *Support my Patreon:

Riverdance The Russian Dervish
Dance number from the orginal Riverdance.

Nightcore - American Wake
Facebook: • - - - - - - - Infos - - - - - - - Original by: RiverDance Original Musik: America Wake - - - - - - - - - - - -...

RIFF OF THE DAY IX - American Wake (Riverdance - Bill Whelan)
Welcome to RIFF OF THE DAY! This is a series of videos where I play a riff or two from a selected tune that I love on that particular day! Today I do a slimmed down version of American Wake,...

Una muy buena canción que se me ha ocurrido poner de tanto oirla por mi madre jeje Otros Links User: kiwipuy Song:Irish Dance Link:

Angel Vivaldi & Ben Eller - American Wake (Nova Scotia)
NEW EP! The Speed Of Dark: Revisited AT Angel and Ben Eller team up to take on the American Wake (Nova...

Michael Flatley's leading lady is Jean Butler. They are both Irish-American, which makes me proud. You can read more about them in Wickipedia.

浅沼杏花(Kyoka Asanuma) - リヴァーダンス Riverdance American [email protected]
2011年STB139で行われた河村留理子のバースデイ&ヴァレンタインデイ・スペシャルライブ での浅沼杏花コーナーの模様。 リバーダンス アメリカン...

Riverdance: The Russian Dervish
Live From Beijing (2011)

Riverdance / Marching Band

Riverdance "The Dance"
Riverdance "The Dance"

American Wake (Riverdance) - Sprung Rhythm アメリカンウェイク(リバーダンス) - スプラング・リズム
2013.8.3 Sprung Rhythm Vol.3 with 常松将行 旭川公演 リバーダンス より アメリカンウェイク ゲスト・パーカッション 常松将行/ Guest-Percussion Masayuki...

American Wake From Riverdance
Once again I apologize for any mistakes I made:)

American Wake
American Wake.

Riverdance - Reel Around The Sun

The American Wake - The Drinking Jolly Roger
Here's the song The Drinking Jolly Roger from the California Irish folk punk band The American Wake. Tell No Tales came out in 2005. Check out the band:

The American Wake - Wagon Wheel
The American Wake at The Orange International Street Fair covering Wagon Wheel by Old Crow Medicine Show.

Yolanda Gonzales Sobrado - Firedance (Riverdance - The Show 2002)
Yolanda Gonzales Sobrado em Firedance do DVD Riverdance The Show 2002.

上松美香"American Wake" - Mika Agematsu
"American Wake" from Riverside (Bill Whelan) 2012年7月1日(日)上松美香Birthday Festa! July 1st (Sun) Mika Agematsu Birthday Festa! @STB139スイートベイジル(東京・六本木...

The Elders - "American Wake"
The Elders performing at the Mid-Winter Scottish & Irish Festival in Valley Forge, PA on Sunday, Feb. 20th, 2011.

The American Wake - The Devil Went Down to Georgia
Orange International Street Fair - 2012.

Riverdance - Trading Taps
Riverdance - 10th Anniversary.

The American Wake - She Swears Like A Sailor
Original Song by The American Wake recorded live at The Orange International Street Fair. Appears on the DVD, The American Wake - Live - Orange, CA.

Riverdance - The Countess Cathleen & Women of the Sidhe (audio)
Riverdance soundtrack Track 3 - "The Countess Cathleen & Women of the Sidhe" I do not own this song.Everything in this video belongs to its respectful owner.

The American Wake - The Quay
From the soundtrack "Brittown"