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Sérgio MendesArtist info Sérgio Santos Mendes, pron. IPA: , (born February 11, 1941 in Niterói, Brazil) is a Grammy Award-winning Brazilian musician. He has released over thirty-five albums, and plays bossa nova heavily crossed with jazz and funk.Mendes is married to Gracinha Leporace who regularly performs vocals for her husband and can also be heard on his 2006 version of the song Mas Que Nada with the Black Eyed Peas... Read more

Sergio Mendes - Rainbow's End
Released in 1983.

Sergio Mendrez - Rainbow's End w/ Lyrics
One of the most notable hits of Sergio Mendez... with somewhat more correct lyrics if not at all the exact ;) no copyright infringement intended.


Sergio Mendes "Rainbows End'' with Raymond Pounds on Drums
Sergio Mendes "Rainbows End'' with Raymond Pounds on Drums.

Rainbow's End - (Side A).....wmv
edited by: epadilla.

rainbows end - sergio mendes Piano Cover using my Roland Xp-80 This is my one favorite classic song :) Hope you like it enjoy! :)

Rainbow's End
classic song by Sergio Mendez.

Rainbows End
Rainbows End Sergio Mendes.

Take This Love - Sergio Mendes (lyrics)

SERGIO MENDES - Rainbow´s End
Año : 1983 Género : Electronic, Latin Estilo ...

Sergio Mendes and Brasil 77 - Double Rainbow
Rip from the cassette tape "After 8...2" from 1976.

Sacco & Mancetti - Rainbow's End

Sergio Mendes - Never Gonna Let You Go Live at Hollywood Bowl
Sergio Mendes performs best selling single Never Gonna Let You Go live at the Hollywood Bowl, Los Angeles, CA July 17, 2013.

Sergio Mendes - KISSES

Katherine Jayne Peverill Beyond the Rainbows End
In loving memory of Katherine Jayne Peverill tragically taken from us on Oct 13, 2013, RIP Kath.

Sergio Mendes Live @ Jazz Vienne, France Full Concert720p2014
DISCLAIMER: All rights reserved to the production companies and music labels that distributed and produced the music and performance respectively. I've only ...

Rainbow's End
Promotion video of self-penned song "Rainbow's End" using GarageBand and iMovie.

Guitar Brasil (Brazil) - Daniel Ruberti - "Rainbow's End"
Daniel Ruberti executando "Rainbow's End", música de seu álbum instrumental.

The Dolphins - Rainbow's End
This nice little teener tune is a companion to the Dolphins' hit Hey-Da-Da-Dow, although the two groups are not related. Interesting to note that they use a ...

Sergio Mendes - Olympia (1984)

Rainbows End
64 count, 1 wall, intermediate.

Rainbow's End
Recorded at PACTV studios.

Rainbow's End
1995 - Rainbow's End by Billy, Chris, and Chris.

Music: Sergio Mendes Lyrics: Macaulay, Tony / Snow, Tom. Singer: Joe Pizzulo Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is ...

"Rainbow's End" - Dennis Yardley - Music and Lyrics by Nanci Mitchell Hobson
Cover of Nanci's song "Rainbow's End" performed by Dennis Yardley.

What Do We Mean To Each Other || Lyrics || Sergio Mendes

Rainbow's End
Original composition by T. Rawson.

Sergio Mendes - My Summer Love
Una buena cancion de Sergio Mendes..Si tienen las lyrics no olviden mandarlas , gracias.

Cover of Linda Eder song.

Rainbow's End (Instrumental)
Instrumental Remix-remaster from the Skyypilot "Klondike" album. © 2008, 2017 J. Mark Witters

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