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Olorun Ko gba gbe re Keji Are
God has not forgotten you. A song of encouragement for depressed.

RCCG Mass Choir & Bukola Bekes-Powerful Yoruba Praise
RCCG Mass Choir powerful Yoruba Praise led by Sister Olubukola Bekes popularly known as Olorikokoro. You can contact Sister Bukky @[email protected] Like, Share, & Subscribe : ) Lyrics...

iwo ko lo dami goke bajowa
I love ❤ this gospel singer.... I wannna meet him. He is so damn talented.....P.

Bukola Bekes-Olorikokoro (One who holds the keys)
I first heard Olorikokoro from my one of my Dad's untitled CD's, but did not know who sang it. I used to blast this in my car as I was driving to and fro from High school. So you can imagine...

Ko le gbagbe mi MelkiZedek Video
By Segun Falola... Producer: Tolucci... God cannot forget me Follow me on twitter: @iamMelkizedek.

Ko le gbagbe mi-Melchizedek Falola
God cannot forget me.

Oba bi Olorun ko si
Music Music.

C&S Hymn O Fun mi Ledidi
O fun mi l'edidi, Gbese nla ti mo je B'O ti fun mi,O si rerin Pe, ”Mase gbagbe mi!" 2. O fun mi l'edidi, O San gbese nla naa B'O ti fun mi osi rerin Wipe, "Maa ranti mi" 3. Ngo p'edidi naa...

Ko Je Gbagbe Mi
He's Alive CD by Asaph Available at:


Olorun to Da Awon Oke Igbani and other Songs - Yoruba Worship|| TheAdeTomi
M U S I C ----- Olorun to da awon oke igbani Eyin ni mo fi ope mi fun Tani won tun gbe ga oh Bi ko se Baba Loke Tani won tun fi gbogo ope mi fun Olorun to da awon Oke igbani Eyin ni...

Omo Owa O Ijesa - I.K. Dairo
A track from the "Definitive Dairo" LP.

Ebenezer Obey - F'Ija Re F'Olorun Ja
Ebenezer Obey and His International Brothers Band.

Ore Bi Jesu

Niwoyi Ola
From Yemi David Latabule.

Olorun to tobi Keji Are
The great gospel song on the greatness of Jehovah God. By lady sister Keji Omoniyi Are.


Jesu nigba danwo (Yoruba lent hymn)
1. Jesu nigba 'danwo Gbadura fun mi; K'emi ma ba se O, Ki nsi sako lo, 'Gba mba s'iyemeji ko b'oju wo mi, K'eru tab'isaju Ma mu mi subu. 2. B'aiye ba si nfa mi, Pelu adun re, T'ohun 'sura...

Chief Commander Ebenezer Obey - Ola Oluwa Ni Mo Nje
Chief Commander Ebenezer Obey Album;Vanity (Obey OPS 016) Year;1988 (B)Ola Oluwa Ni Mo Nje / I Am For Joy / Binubinu Ko Ma Binu / Association Of Friends.

Ranti mi Keji Are 5
Remember me oh LORD. Songs of prayer.

Nigeria gospel song.

Ebenezer Obey - Igba Owuro Lawa
Chief Commander Ebenezer Obey & His Inter-Reformers Band Igba Owuro Lawa (Decca WAPS 408) Year;1978 (A)Igba Owuro Lawa-Agogo ti Nka Wakati-Ma jeki A Pade Agbako- E se amin ko se- Ai so Aba-...

Chief Commander Ebenezer Obey -- Fi Mi Lokan Bale Oluwa
Chief Commander Ebenezer Obey & His Inter-Reformers Band Album;Eko Ila (Decca WAPS 168) Year;1974 (A)Fimi Lokan Bale Oluwa / Araiye E Ma Pa Kadara Mi Da / Mase Ri Talent Re Mole / Ko Seni...

Ore Bi Jesu
Jesus is my only true friend. He is my rock and my salvation. He is the ever present rock that will never leave nor forsake us, He is there through the good, the bad and the ugly. He has called...

Kii se temi (It Is Not Mine) By David Oke AGS
The presence of light is what makes you see and not your eyes) This song is base on the story of the two harlots in the bible in 1 Kings 3:16-21 Kii Se Temi (It's Not Mine) Written & Arranged...

Baba Ara- Ranti Mi Oluwa
Baba Ara - Album;Convenant Majemu.

O Fun Mi Ledidi and Ore Ofe Ohun by Kemi-Bukky with Lyrics
O Fun Mi Ledidi and Ore Ofe Ohun - Yoruba Hymn.

King Sunny Ade & His African Beats - Baba Orun A Mbe O (Audio)
Album: The Message Year: June 1981 SALPS: 25 Recorded at Deca Studio, Lagos Nigeria Sincere thanks to MOOS of GLOBAL GROOVERS for the vinyl rip and audio file. Visit GLOBAL GROOVERS at:...

Wa ba mi gbe ale fere letan

Chief Commander Ebenezer Obey- Vanity Upon Vanity
Chief Commander Ebenezer Obey Album;Vanity (Obey OPS 016) Year;1988 Generation To Generation / Omi T'Aba Da S'Ori / Vanity Upon Vanity / Odomode E Mase Ja / Aso Ija Mi Ti Gbo.

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