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Victorious CastArtist info * Victoria Justice as Tori Vega, a sixteen year old aspiring singer who enrolls at Hollywood Arts, a prestigious performing arts school. Tori is taken aback by her invitation to the school, as her sister, Trina, has always been the star of the Vega family. However, she quickly begins to enjoy her new school. * Leon Thomas III as André Harris, Tori's soon-to-be best friend and a gifted musician... Read more

Elizabeth Gilles Feat. Michael Corcoran — Okay (HQ-HD LYRICS)
This is the highest quality of this song on YouTube. Liz's vocal is mixed with the original digitally. Have fun :) Facebook: Twitter: ...

Elizabeth Gillies It's All Okay Lyrics YouTube

Okay- Jade- Victorious with lyrics
Song: Okay Artist: Elizabeth Gillies(Jade West) From Victorious Program used: Vegas Movie Studio 11 HD Lyrics: There is no upper hand I'm giving you mine It ...

"Okay" jade gets crushed
Andre:um, i really wish that i could write the next line um my favorite letters J , tuna fish fil-a im gonna wash my dog with some blue shampoo. Jade: here let me ...

Victorious:Tori and Rider Okay lyrics
Created using In this duet Tori Vega(Victoria Justice) and Rider(Ryan Rottman) are singing Okay You can also go to my channel to ...

Victoria Justice - You're The Reason (letra) [Victorious]
Tori Vega en el cumple de su hermana Trina Vega, le regala esta cancion.

my singing video to okay from Victorious
singing video to okay from victorious.

Victorious - Elizabeth Gillies - Okay
lyrics: There is no upper hand I'm giving you mine It doesn't have to end up wasting your time There's things that I could say But hear it my way I want to let you ...

By; Jade West Victorious; Jade Gets Crushed
Acompanhe também aqui a letra : There is no upper hand I'm glvin you mine I't doesn't have to end up wastin' your time There's things that I could say But here ...

Yoash Victorious "Ill Be Ok"

Victorious - Andre sings Trina's Bithday Song
Andre helps Tori w/ a birthday present for her sister, Trina. Andre decides to give a song as a present.

Okay - Victorious Cast and Backhouse Mike (MIX)
featuring Elizabeth Gillies, Victoria Justice, Zack Hexum and Michael Corcoran Download it here:

Victorious - Okay cover by Andriana Aniani
Hello everyone, this is my new cover!

Liz Gillies-Okay(Español Latino)
Letra: No hay nada que temer al juntos estar, el tiempo no perdiste es la realidad. Solo esto te dire, no me arrepentire amor te digo yo, ''A tu lado ire'' Comentad ...

Backhouse Mike ft. Victorious - Okay
this is a mix i've made with the original version and the parts from the tv show Victorious.

Victorious Elizabeth sings "Okay" Piano
Victorious Elizabeth sings "Okay" Piano.

Jade West Singing // Victorious
so, this is a little video I made of all the times Jade sings in Victorious, well, minus Take a Hint because of copyright issues. So, sorry about that and sorry a ...

Okay- Jade- Victorious
Lyrics There is no upper hand I'm giving you mine It doesn't have to end up Wasting your time There are things that I could say But here in my way I want to let ...

Victorious Okay Cover By Megan

MSP -Okay♥ Victorious
this is my third video i have made and more is coming soon hope you lyk them 3 ♥♥♥ xxxx.

Okay (victorious)
Hey this is me singing okay by jade (liz gillies) i know its not that good but o well (:

Liz Gillies feat. Backhouse Mike - Okay
Liz Gillies e Backhouse Mike singing Okay together (montage music)

Elizabeth Gillies - "You Don't Know Me" - Music Video (HD)
Enjoy Jade (Liz) rock out to her new song "You Don't Know Me"! Download the non-album version of "You Don't Know Me" they used on the show here: ...

Victorious- Freak the Freak out
This is my favorite scene... I DON'T OWN ANYTHING.

VICTORIOUS- Andre's song to Jade "365 days" LYRICS
Okay GroovieFans, I hope you like it C: I just cant *HANDLE* myself :/ (Sorry for that GroovieFans :O) ...

Liz Gillies-Okay (on Victorious) lyrics
Created using Hope you like it (: Idon't own pics or songPlease subscribe and leave comment.

Take a Hint lyrics - Victorious Cast ft. Victoria Justice and Elizabeth Gillies | DEBORAHGEASS
SUSCRIBETE!!! - SUBSCRIBE!! Media: Twitter: All rights to Victorious, Dan Warp, Nickelodeon. ℗ 2012 Columbia Records, a ...

iCarly & Victorious Cast - Leave It All to Shine (Official Music Video)
The guys from "iCarly" singing with the cast of "Victorious" the song "Leave It All to Shine", included in the soundtrack of "Victorious" available on iTunes of ...

Okay-Liz Gillies(Jade)Victorious
no se ve muy bien pero eso es lo que hay porque no hay nadie en youtube que se haya molestado en subir esta cancion en español Letra: No hay nada que ...

Victorious Elizabeth's (Jade) ''Okay'' Music

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