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Kevyn Lettau - Nana das Águas
Kevyn Lettau - Nana das Águas JVC.

Nana das Aguas
Christine Guter performs for a 3000+ person audience with the Long Beach Municipal Band at Marine Stadium in Long Beach, California. Performed Thursday July 29th, 2010. Song by Kleber Jorge,...

Nana Das Águas - Kevin Lettau (Samba) Dança de Salão
Nana Das Águas Kevin Lettau Samba Dança de Salão.

Nana das aguas-PESO
Nana das Aguas/Kevin Lettau PESO.

Pilar de la Hoz - Nana das Aguas
Concierto "The Jazz Street en VIVO 2"

João Donato - Nana das Aguas
João Donato Quem e Quem [1973] Nana das Aguuas Enquanto a Nana Não mergulhar Atrás das pedras Atrás do mar Enquanto a Nana Não se esconder No pesadelo Deixa correr Enquanto Nana Não...

#VocêEscolheAGenteDança - Nanas das Águas (#63)
VOCÊ ESCOLHE, A GENTE DANÇA !!! Música: Nana das Águas - Kevin Lettau Escolhido por: Pri Rodrigues Vídeo de número: 63 Quem quiser, coloque nos comentários uma música, e a gente dança!...

Kleber Jorge & Kevyn Lettau - De Repente o Amor Kleber Jorge & Kevyn Lettau "De Repente o Amor" Album: "Voltar pro Rio" Año: 1999 Kleber Jorge and Kevyn Lettau: vocals. Bill Cantos: Keys Scott Mayo: Sax Luis Conte: Precussio...


Waters of March with Peter Sprague and Kevyn Lettau
This is a live video of Kevyn Lettau and myself playing a show at the old Hillcrest bookstore called Words and Music. A quasi-eccentric fellow named Victor ran the place and did a wonderful...

"Sana Maulit Muli" & "Bridges" (Ms Kevyn Lettau)
Up Close & Personal with Kevyn Lettau at the Promenade at Gano Excel. Irwindale, California, March 31, 2012.

Robertinho De Paula dal disco Cores " Nana Das Aguas "
Robertinho De Paula guitars Alberto Iovene piano Camillo Pace double bass Pasquale Angelini drums.

You Said by Kevyn Lettau
Taken at Eastwood, Philippines 2/17/2012.

Kevyn Lettau -(1990) - Whenever Your Heart Wants to Sing
Kevyn Lettau This was my first baby back 1990. In many ways the thrill of that experience will never be matched. Everything was so new. The musicians were the cream of the LA crop. The songs...

KEVYN LETTAU And Friends - Live in Concert

Morning Kisses - Lou Pardini & Kevyn Lettau

Kevyn Lettau - Little things
Kevyn Lettau - Little things (Written by Kevyn Lettau and Jeff Lorber) Credits: Kevyn Lettau (Lead vocal) Russell Ferrante (keyboard) Michael Shapiro (drums) Jerry Watts Jr. (bass) Mike Miller...

Lord Brian and Chanise - Shaker Song & Nana Das Aguas
Rey Galvez, Byron , Chanise and Myself.

samba em homenagem a Orixá Nãnã, a Grande Mãe do Panteão Africano. A sábia. Cantado em inglês e português.

Kevyn Lettau - Message In A Bottle
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Kevyn Lettau - Velas - Muito Mais 1991
Kevyn Lettau - Velas - Muito Mais 1991 Personnel: Yutaka Yokokura, Frank Zottolik (keyboards), Kevyn Lettau (vocals), Oscar Castro-Neves (acoustic guitar, cavaquinho), John Pisano (acoustic...

kevyn lettau - spring
kevyn lettau - spring.

kevyn lettau Let's Fall In love

Kevyn Lettau - Another season
Kevyn got her big break when the legendary Brazilian pianist and bandleader, Sergio Mendes, discovered her (Al Jarreau was a mentor, too) They led to critical acclaim and a loyal following...

메인스트릿(Main Street) - Nana Das Aguas @코엑스전재페
코엑스전재페 5주차 101215 메인스트릿(Main Street) & 객원보컬 인디아 - Nana Das Aguas 2011 전국대학생재즈페스티벌


Kevyn Lettau - Mas Que Nada
Kevyn Lettau with an impromptu jam with Philippine Jazz Queen, Louie Reyes. Taken at The Promenade @ Gano.

Kevyn Lettau Sunlight
Pentru a activa subtitrarea apasa in dreapta jos pe iconita "subtitrari"

Obsession - Kevyn Lettau
happens to he best of us......

Kevyn Lettau - Universal language - Secretly begin
Kevyn Lettau - Universal language - Secretly begin (Written by Kevyn Lettau & Pat Metheny) Credits: Synthesizer -- Russell Ferrante Piano, Co-producer -- Mitchel Forman Vocal lead -- Kevyn...