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Medwyn GoodallArtist info Medwyn Goodall is a composer and musician mostly associated with the New Age genre. He was born in Yorkshire, England in 1961. He lives with his wife Wendy in Cornwall, England. According to Allmusic, "Goodall began composing original songs as a teen, earning local notoriety with his band Trax; in the years to follow, he learned to play a vast range of instruments, including mandolin, piano, drums, harp, flute, glockenspiel, panpipes, vibraphone and synthesizer, and cut his first album at age 16"... Read more

Forgiven - Medwyn Goodall
Blessed Be on this wet summer solstice. My offering to you. A rather boring set of photos (as most are the same) but of a recent trip at Stonehenge in May and I ...

Medwyn Goodall - Forgiven 432 Hz

Medwyn Goodall -- Whisper On the Moors
Music for relaxation and meditation -uploaded in HD at

Medwyn Goodall = Headwind
For al my friends on You Tube..Have A Nice Weekend..

Medwyn Goodall - Ansiedad
for us.

Listening to this piece can conjure up so many images; from the CD, 'Amun Ra'.

Medwyn Goodall & Aroshanti - Choir of Heaven
for us.

Medwyn Goodall Celtic Dawn
From the album Druid.

Medwyn Goodall - Guinevere

Medwyn Goodall Kacharpaya
a tribute clip to one of my Favorite music section by Medwyn Goodall my Favorite world music Artist We have one world which we were born Love a person ...

Medwyn Goodall - Sacred Ground
From the album Medicine Woman II.

Medwyn Goodall - Inherit The Stars
Medwyn Goodall - Inherit The Stars from the Album Comet.

Eyes of Heaven - Medwyn Goodall
Eyes of Heaven from the album Moon-Goddess by Medwyn Goodall.

Medwyn Goodall - Prophecy

Medwyn Goodall - The Enlightened.

Medwyn Goodall - Temple of Prophecy
A Beautiful New Age Song.

Medwyn Goodall / Runestone - Nine Maiden Chronicles (Druid II)
1.Part 1 0:00 2.Part 2 6:23 3.Part 3 9:01 4.Part 4 12:55.

Crystal Alignment (Medwyn Goodall) Return to Atlantis
Medwyn Goodall produced albums on which he arranged, performed, mixed and mastered every song, although his album, Om (2006), was produced together ...

Medwyn Goodall - Deepest Secrets

Celebration - Medwyn Goodall
music: Celebration - Medwyn Goodall,added from YouTube Audio Liberary Video © 1HarryH ------------------------------------------- Copyright Notice Celebration ...

Medwyn Goodall - Celestial Peace (Where Angels Tread)
Beluister Celestial Peace van Medwyn Goodall. Deze ontspannende muziek vind je terug op het album Where Angels Tread. De panfluiten, Braziliaanse gitaren ...

Medwyn Goodall - Fairyland
From the album KINDRED SPIRITS, Medwyn's music @

Medwyn Goodall - Shadows of the Mind
Music composed by Medwyn Goodall, from his album "Earth Goddess".

Medwyn Goodall - Tenderness
Artist: Medwyn Goodall Title: Tenderness Album: Om picture made by Metin DEMIRALAY I don't own the song 'Tenderness" all rights reserved to 'Medwyn ...

The White Dragon - Medwyn Goodall
This is a dedication for my good friend Mike Happy Birthday.

Sungrass - Medwyn Goodall
Sungrass from the album " Island Bliss " by Medwyn Goodall.

Medwyn Goodall - Cloudburst (New Age)
"Cloudburst" by Medwyn Goodall from the album "Essence of Magic" (2000).

Behold the Darkness │ Medwyn Goodall
Mysterious New Age music #mysteriousnewagemusic (Version from September 2012)

Medwyn Goodall - Earth healer-01 - Pathfinder

Medicine Woman -Medwyn Goodall
Relaxation Video Beautiful Nature footage. Music by Medwyn Goodall.

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