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Jean Ritchie--Barbry Allen
Jean Ritchie singing Barbry Allen.

Jean Ritchie - Hangman (American folk song)
American folk singer Jean Ritchie sings the traditional Appalachian old time song (of English origins), "Hangman." She accompanies herself on the dulcimer.

Rainbow Quest: Jean Ritchie - Shady Grove
Pete Seeger's Rainbow Quest.

Jean Ritchie- Jubilee
Here's Jean Ritchie- Jubilee. I couldn't find it anywhere on YouTube so I made my own. Enjoy! No copyright infringement intended.

jean ritchie sings blackwaters
jean ritchie sings about mountaintop removal to photographs of the destruction by george pickow This is an excerpt from thf dvd Backgrounds which is available from JEANRITCHIE.COM ©1967,1971...

Maybe the oldest recorded version of My Dear Companion.(1947-1950) Unfortunately cut by interviews. If you have any information about this footage and link to a complete version, please e-mail me.

Jean Ritchie - Morning Come, Maria Gone
Jean Ritchie - Clear Waters Remembered - Morning Come, Maria Gone.

Jean Ritchie - L and N don't stop here anymore.wmv

Jean Ritchie - Careless Love
Jean Ritchie, one of the luminaries of American Folk music.

Jean Ritchie - Nottamun Town [1965]
From her LP “A Time For Singing” (Warner Bros. Records W-1592) issued in April '65. The re-appearance of “Nottamun Town” on this LP was interesting. The old medieval classic had long...

Pete Seeger and Jean Ritchie sing Jenny Jenkins
Jean visited p Pete Seeger and they got together and sang a few songs. Some of this material is on the DVD MOUNTAIN BORN the jean ritchie story available at JEANRITCHIE.COM.

jean ritchie emmylou harris mountain stage
emmylou and jean sing HAVE TOU SEEN MY DEAR COMPANION a song that jean wrote.

ritchie family reunion 1955
In 1955, our widespread family gathered for Christmas- We were visited by the Dave Garroway TV program and these few scenes are taken from that telecast. Hurried because much of our time was...

Jean Ritchie - Lord Thomas and Fair Ellender (Child 73)
Jean Ritchie - Lord Thomas and Fair Ellender (Child 73)

Jean Ritchie - The Little Sparrow
Jean Ritchie - Elektra LP.

Black Waters
Copyright Geordie Music Publishing, Inc. recorded by Jean Ritchie @environment @mining @water.

Jean Ritchie sings the Cuckoo
CSU, Fresno Folk Artist in Residence 1980, courtesy of Jean Ritchie, The Bluestein Family and the UNC, Chapel Hill Folk Archives.

Jean Ritchie - Nottamun Town
Jean Ritchie (born 1922) is an American folk singer and Appalachian dulcimer player. Became known as "The Mother of Folk". As well as work songs and ballads, Jean knew hymns from the "Regular...

Jean Ritchie and Doc Watson: Storms are on the Ocean (1963)
First song of the 1963 album "Jean Ritchie and Doc Watson Live at Folk City".

Jean Ritchie - Skin and Bones
Folk Song 1952.

Jean Ritchie - Little Musgrave (Child 81)
Jean Ritchie - Little Musgrave.

Jean Ritchie 1998 Folk Alliance International Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient
Jean Ritchie was known as "The Mother of Folk". As well as work songs and ballads, Ritchie knew hymns from the "Old Regular Baptist" church she attended in Jeff, Kentucky. These were sung as...

jean ritchie sings WINTERGRACE
Jean's song for the winter solistice with a setting in her Kentucky Mountain home. Cornshuck dolls made by the Ritchie sisters, carved animals from her cabin, and real snow from Heaven. Video...

Jean Ritchie - Lord Bateman (Child 53)
Jean Ritchie - Lord Bateman.

Jean Ritchie - The Cherry Tree Carol (Child Ballad 54)
Jean Ritchie sings the Christmas folk song, "The Cherry Tree Carol" (a.k.a. "The Kentucky Cherry Three Carol" or Child Ballad #54). The Irish folk group, The Clancy Brothers, recorded this...

Jean Ritchie and Doc Watson: Go Dig My Grave (1963)
Second song of the 1963 album "Jean Ritchie and Doc Watson Live at Folk City".

Jean Ritchie - Wondrous Love
For my 80th video I have gone with an olde favorite - the folk angel Jean Ritchie singing my favorite song I've heard her sing. An old spiritual from the southern mountains - like no one else....

jean ritchie sings blue diamond mines
tells the story of hard times in the coal mines of kentucky. Words & music © 1964,1971 Jean Ritchie Geordie Music Publishing Co.

Jean Ritchie sings LOVING HANNAH
an old song jean learned from her father when she was very yuong. perforance 1997.

west virginia mine disaster
Performance in 1980. Jean sings one of her newer mining songs based on the flooding of a coal mine in Hominy Falls, WV. A woman's reaction- and heartbreak.