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V8 - The 88th Annual Academy Awards | @ORL
VLOG #8 - 28 de Febrero del 2016 Sínopsis: Como celebré los Oscares en Full Sail Studios Ubicación: Winter Park, FL Rola de fondo: Alive - Itro & Kontinuum Copyright Stuff: This song...

Chef Wolfgang Puck Interview
Chef Wolfgang Puck for the 22nd consecutive year is catering the Governor's Ball for the 88th Annual Academy Awards, which takes place Sunday, February 28th at 7 pm ET/PT on ABC and hosted...

Jennifer Lawrence, Oscar 2016; she did it again
Academy Awards Nominations 2016. Jennifer Lawrence, deja vu.

Lady Gaga Arrives at GMA 08/19
Lady Gaga Arrives at GMA 08/19.

Oscar - 2016 Leonardo DiCaprio: People to thank! 28. 02. 2016
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Oprah Winfrey Golden Globes Cecil B DeMille Award Acceptance Speech 2018
Oprah electrifies the crowd at the 75th annual Golden Globes Awards with her acceptance speech after winning the Cecil B. Demille Award for Lifetime achievement and contribution to entertainment.

Oscar Winners - The 88th Academy Awards 2016

The Weeknd - 'Earned it' - Oscars - Live The Weeknd - 'Earned it' - Oscars - Live.

The weeknd winning top hot 100 artist of year award at the -billboard awards 2016
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Lady Gaga arrives in Taiwan 5/16/12

Boardwalk Isabella - Official Promo Video for The David Bowers Awards Show appearance
Promo clip for the upcoming interview with James Boardwalk Isabella and David Bowers - radio host from Florida.

Til it happens to you
ZeroDiscrimination Me singing "Til it happens to you" originally by Lady Gaga for UNAIDS Zero Discrimination Day. Backing track:

The Weeknd sings "Angel"
Live performance by Abel "The Weeknd" Tesfaye at Hollywood club Thursday night sponsored by Universal, which hopes his "Earned It" gets an Oscar nomination.

2017 Academy Awards Parody
Art, Jacie, and Pinkston present the 2017 Academy Awards.

The Weeknd ft Labirinth - Losers [LEGENDADO/TRADUÇÃO]
Losers é a faixa 2 do álbum Beauty Behind The Madness. A faixa fala sobre a superação de The Weeknd depois de largar a escola para se focar na música.

88th Academy Awards Not enough Color says Who?
88th Academy Awards Not enough Color says Who? Black and White Have Been around From 1939.

● Lady Gaga - Til It Happens To You Oscar 2016 (REACTION) OMG!!!!!!!!! ●

Janet Hubert Responds to Jada Pinkett Smith's Boycott of the Oscars
Janet Hubert makes a response video to Jada Pinkett Smith's call to boycott the 2016 Oscars. Watch Jada's video here Janet Hubert, who played the best...

Leo Won the Oscar - A Ballad
Congratulations to Leo on his long overdue victory at the 2016 Oscars for best actor! We hope you watch and reflect on all of the times Leo has moved you to tears, horror, joy, and all the...

The Oscar 2016 Compilation
Congrats Ennio Morricone for taking home the Oscar! It's about time! Here is my compilation for all the 2016 Oscar nominations for best score. Please enjoy, leave a like, tell me what compilatio...

Leonardo Dicaprio wins OSCAR OSCAR 2016.....!
he Revenant has been sweeping away all the major awards including the best actor trophy, be it the Golden Globe, Critics' Choice awards, SAG awards and BAFTA. But these Academy members were...

The Oscars Big Weekend
Coming soon to C Music TV.

Oscars, Kevin Hart, DJ Khaled On Trending Topics: The BIg Tigger Show
Today On Trending Topics: -Oscars snubs -Kevin Hart to host All Star game. -DJ Khaled Snap Chats that black card! Meets with Snap Chat CEO. Photo Credit: Getty Images/Christopher Polk Subscribe...

Christian Bale at the 68th Annual DGA Awards 06.01.2016 //Press room
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Chris Rock talks 'Top FIve' with Carissa
Carissa gives Chris Rock her top five hip hop artists.

Reaction-Leonardo DiCaprio's Oscar Acceptance speech OR Winning Moment
was really ecstatic to see Leonardo win The Oscar. Original video link :

Howie Mandel Announces Artist of the Year Nominees | The 2016 JUNO Awards
America's Got Talent judge and former JUNO Award host (1987) Howie Mandel, announces the 2016 Artist of the Year Nominees. The nominees are: ARTIST OF THE YEAR City and Colour -...

Obama - Michelle TONY 2016

Funny Snapchats of Oscars 2016
So all I was I waiting for this year's oscars was Leo, so I needed something that'll keep me more entertained as it was a different time broadcasting in Uk.

The 87th Academy Awards 2015 Live Stream
Live Stream : Oscar Nominations 2015 Live Stream Oscar Nominations 2015 Live Stream The 87th Academy Awards.2015...

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