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Washing Machine(Official Version)- Hasan Green & F.O.G.
Jesus Washed Me in the washing Machine- Hasan Green & Friends of God. WE love singing this one! hope you guys enjoy.! I love ministering with these guys. they are awesome.

Crying Holy(Official Version)- Hasan Green & F.O.G.
Hasan Green & Friends of God sings an original, "Crying Holy". Pure worship reaches the heart of God. I love ministering with these Guys F.O.G.- Hasan Green, Randall Nunn, Bryan Green, Courtney...

Lord You've Been So Good-- Hasan Green & F.O.G.
Here's one of my fav's by the Anointed HInds Sisters of opelika al.. I love their ministry, hope you enjoy our rendition of their song.

Jesus Is On the Main Line- Hasan Green & F.O.G.
fellowshipping with my friends. I love these guys Monte Hammon leading! lol sing monte we always love just having fun!

Hasan Green Reunion with F.O.G. Pt1
I looooveeee singing with my friends... no music... just hand claps and voices..

God Can Deliver- Hasan Green & F.O.G.
CD AVAILABLE ON ITUNES.COM a new song I wrote,featured on my upcoming album, ATLANTIC. Friends of God, chris warren, randall nunn, corvious scott, courtney davis (recording) and me. lol Yayyy....

Amazing Grace- Hasan Green & F.O.G.
booooy how I love singing old skool gospel and singing it with these guys just makes it even better.. Hasan Green,(bottom) RAndall Nunn (middle) Courtney Davis (top)

GREEN(Official Version)- Hasan Green & F.O.G
Here is its GREEN, my new song, with bgv's and musicians. I really love the final product! hope you guys are blessed and encouraged.. friends of god: Corvious scott, hasan green, courtney davis,...

Make Me Over- Randall Nunn & F.O.G.
I love this song... this is the revised version Written by Randall nunn, Arranged by Hasan Green.. Randall thanks for allowing your gift to bless this ministry!!! love ya bro+ awesome song.

God Will-- Hasan Green & F.O.G.
HASAN green's live recording "Atlantic" april 23, 2010 true deliverance holiness....

Hasan Green & F.O.G Live in Anniston, Al
Hasan Green & Friends of God celebrates with Jackie Stamps & God's Gift! in Anniston Al. Tis so Sweet, Jesus WAshed me in the washing Maching and God Will!

Hasan Green & F.O.G. *Midnight Praise*
Hasan Green & F.o.G Ministers @ MIdnight Praise Faith Temple Lagrange GA.

God Will- Hasan Green & F.O.G.
Bethel Baptist, Ashland Al.

*Birthday Musical*-- Hasan Green & F.O.G.
birthday musical for morris stewart... Atlanta Ga Hasan Green & f.o.g. Green, Crying Holy, & Saved..

Atl Unplugged Rehearsal- Hasan Green & FOG
Just rehearsing with FOG for NOvember 4th..... N Love With Music.... download it on itunes!!!1.

Hasan Green & Travis Greene
1 of my fav Gospel singers, "travis Greene" I finally caught up with him to do a video together. Check out his music on Its bound to take you into worship.

Hasan Green & FOG 2011 Unplugged DVD
All songs written by: Hasan Green Jacob's Ladder written by Corvious Scott 2011 Unplugged DVD Corvious Scott, Courtney Davis, Zach Nelson Musicians: Ben, Ched and KC Jacksonville, Al Unplugged...

Hasan Green - "Greater"
Newbirth Missionary Baptist Church 6400 Woodrow Road Lithonia, GA 30038.

Saved- Hasan Green & F.O.G.
Saved: By Hasan Green. download on today.

I Got It- Hasan Green & Fog
Hasan Green & Friends of God ministers at Edgefield baptist in FAyeteville Ga.

Hasan Green & F.O.G. Praise Break
Praise Break 2010 , God can Deliver Northport, al Mt Pilgrim Baptist Hasan Green & Friends of God.

Make Me Over- Randall Nunn & Hasan Green
my fav song by randall... I love to hear him sing!!!!

More Than Anything(live)- Hasan Green & F.O.G.
More Than Anything--- Lamar Campbell Hasan Green & Friends of God ministers live @ open mic. Tower of Prayer , Leeds, Al.

Omg I sooo love to sing this song!!! Thank you Jesus for saving me edgefield baptist, fayetteville ga.

Leaning On the Everlasting Arms- Hasan & F.O.G.
I love harmonizing and singing hymns... yaaaay randall nunn, zach nelson, hasan green.

Jesus Is My Gps(audio)-- Hasan Green & F.O.G.
Now AVAILABLE ON ITUNES!!! DOWNLOAD IT TODAY!! Atlantic Album coming soon! Here's 1 song for you guys to enjoy.. Look to buy the album! Hope you like.

Total Praise- Hasan Green & Friends
I love singing with these fellas!! London Michael, Cobi and Dima and hasan green!

GREEN(live)- Hasan Green & F.O.G.
Hasan Green & Friends of God celebrate with Pastor Jamil & Maranda Willis, 10th anniversary, ATlanta Ga. Green written by Hasan Green.

I Am Redeemed/Try Jesus- Hasan & F.O.G.
WATCH ENTIRE VIDEO! nowwww this one got good... yesssss!!! randall nunn, zach nelson, hasan green.

God Can Deliver-- Hasan Green & F.O.G
Hasan Green & Friends of god... St Matthews Baptist, Auburn, Al.